Dropping the Database in SQL Server Management Studio in visual C#.net

Render data matrix barcodes in visual C#.net Dropping the Database in SQL Server Management Studio

Listing 7-6. MultipleResults: Module1.vb
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3. Click the header of the newly created data table, and name it dtBarcode. Let s start adding columns to dtBarcode by right-clicking the data table and selecting Add Column. 4. Please add the following columns into the data table, which should then look similar to Figure 13-4: ProductID (System.Int32) Name (System.String) Description (System.String)
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protected void Application_Start(Object sender, EventArgs e) { // configure the remoting server RemotingConfiguration.Configure(Server.MapPath("web.config")); } The path to the web.config file is retrieved through Server.MapPath(), which returns the physical path to the file on the local system. The call to your server component is again fairly simple. The following code snippet shows the event handler for the command button you have seen previously in Figure 6-4: private void ActionCall_Click(object sender, System.EventArgs e) { IRemoteFactory proxy = (IRemoteFactory)RemotingHelper.CreateProxy( typeof(IRemoteFactory)); Person p = proxy.GetPerson(); ListResults.Items.Add(string.Format("{0} {1}, {2}", p.Firstname, p.Lastname, p.Age)); } That s it, now you have created an ASP .NET-based client for a .NET Remoting server component. Most importantly, remember to configure .NET Remoting within the Application_Start event of the Global.asax code-behind file.
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Often we are not interested in the entire XML document loaded in memory but a part of it. This requires us to search for a specific element or node for further processing. There are several methods used to search the XML document: Retrieving specific elements using the GetElementByTagName() method Retrieving specific elements using the GetElementById() method Selecting specific nodes using the SelectNodes() method Selecting a single specific node using the SelectSingleNode() method
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Figure 8-11. NavigationService object in Silverlight 4 Luckily, the Navigation Framework contains an object that allows a view to access its Hosting Frame. That object is the NavigationService. Let s explore the use of the NavigationService object by running through the following exercise.
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; N1 V1 ---------- -------------------99 Ninety-nine 1 row selected. Because of the problem of comparisons with null, the optimizer is only able to transform the standard not in subquery if the not null predicates or constraints are in place. Otherwise, the only possible execution plan is the filter option; moreover, the clever optimization that we saw for the filter option is not (currently) implemented for the case where the filter is there to deal with a not in. This is another reason for defining database constraints. If you know that a column should never be null, then tell the database about it, otherwise bad data (in the form of a null) may get into that column one day, and make any existing not in subqueries suddenly return the wrong answer for no apparent reason. Just to complete the catalog, you might note that the (apparently opposite) expression colX in ('A', 'B', 'C') is equivalent to colX = 'A' or colX = 'B' or colX = 'C' The string of ORs means that just one of the individual tests in the list needs evaluate to true (after which Oracle need check no further) for the entire expression to evaluate to true. Apart from the benefit of being able to take a shortcut on the test, this does mean that the presence of a null somewhere in the test is not a problem. This shows us that, counterintuitively, the two operators in and not in are not exact opposites of each other.
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In this section, I have included the main interfaces and classes that are related to the system of extensible channels in the .NET Remoting framework.
White-box testing is a methodology used when the auditor has full knowledge of the target environment. If you know all the relevant network information about the environment, such as the IP address of each system and what types of computers and network appliances exist, then you do not have to perform any discovery and can move straight into attempting to exploit systems or document threats.
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The same short-circuiting effect appears as we cycle the next table into second place (child, greatgrandparent); we evaluate the first join (and only the nested loop option) and find that it is more expensive than the best so far, so we don t complete the join order, and don t examine any other join orders that start the same way.
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