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CHAPTER 5: Cryptography
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If we take our sample data set from the previous section and create a histogram with 75 buckets (script c_skew_ht_01.sql in the online code suite), we can notice small, but significant, details in the results that get stored in the data dictionary: begin dbms_stats.gather_table_stats( user, 't1', cascade => true, estimate_percent => null, method_opt => 'for all columns size 75' ); end; /
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Databases: You can add references to databases that will be used for creating facts on this tab. You can drag and drop tables onto the Vocabulary window. NET Assemblies: Assemblies, like databases and XML schemas, can be references in the Facts Explorer and used to create vocabularies.
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The .htaccess file gives you the ability to redirect visitors to a different page if they try to access an invalid location. You can use a custom error page for any type of error that corresponds with its unique error number. One of the most common, and frustrating, error codes is the dreaded error 404, Page Not Found. The layout for this command in the .htaccess file is as follows:
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in the Synaptic Package Manager, and mark them for removal.
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namespace SmtpChannel { public class POP3Msg { public String From; public String To; public String Body; public String Headers; public String MessageId; public String InReplyTo; } } The helper class POP3Connection encapsulates the lower-level details of the POP3 protocol. After construction, it connects to the server, authenticates the user, and issues a LIST command to retrieve the list of messages waiting. using using using using using using System; System.Net.Sockets; System.Net; System.IO; System.Collections; System.Text;
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Figure 4-7. Finding the Apress_Product_Controllers group 9. This brings us back to the Select User or Group dialog box where we will see our group has been added, as shown in Figure 4-8. We can then click OK.
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As mentioned, apart from the link count, there will be no obvious sign the new link is, in fact, a link: -rw-r--r--rw-r--r-2 keir keir 0 2006-11-21 15:30 original_file 2 keir keir 0 2006-11-21 15:30 link
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all of the custom portlet modes that it uses in its portlet deployment descriptor.
Download at
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ASP.NET is a technology for building dynamic and data-driven web applications. In ASP.NET, web pages are called web forms. Web forms use the .aspx extension and contain HTML markup, server control markup, and optionally code. Web forms are called so because they provide the same event-driven programming model as provided by Rapid Application Development (RAD) tools such as Visual Basic 6. Every web form is a class that inherits directly or indirectly from the System.Web.UI.Page base class. Server controls are object-oriented wrappers over traditional HTML elements. They are processed by ASP.NET on the server side, which is why they are called server controls. They provide many advantages over traditional HTML controls, including rich functionality, data binding, object-oriented features, and many others. An ASP.NET website is a collection of web forms and related resources such as images, JavaScript files, and compiled components.
Coding UpdateNote Method
public var info:InfoVO = new InfoVO("John Doe", "john@gmail.com", 2122222222, "10005");
The remaining activities are similar to the approach used in the previous chapters. The InvokeMethod activity is used to update the form to show the new assignment and the WaitForInput activity waits for the agent to update it.
IMethodCallMessage Interface
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