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included tools within the .NET Framework that are utilized by the command line.
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List the Most Important Databases
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A client-activated object (CAO) behaves mostly the same way as does a normal .NET object (or a COM object).1 When a creation request on the client is encountered (using Activator.CreateInstance() or the new operator), an activation message is sent to the server, where an instance of the specified class is created. The server then creates an ObjRef, which is used to uniquely identify this object and returns it to the client. On the client proxy, this ObjRef will be turned into a TransparentProxy, which points to the underlying server-side instance. A client-activated object s lifetime is managed by the same lifetime service used by SAOs, as shown later in this chapter. CAOs are so-called stateful objects; an instance variable that has been set by the client can be retrieved again and will contain the correct value. These objects will store state information from one method call to the other. CAOs are explicitly created by the client, so they can have distinct constructors like normal .NET objects do. Direct/Transparent Creation The .NET Remoting framework can be configured to allow client-activated objects to be created like normal objects using the new operator. Unfortunately, this manner of creation has one serious drawback: you cannot use shared interfaces or base classes. This means that you either have to ship the compiled objects to your clients or use SoapSuds to extract the metadata. This tool allows you to extract a metadata-only assembly out of a running server or a serverside implementation assembly. In the past two years, experience has taught me that relying on this tool is not a good choice for most applications. As of today, Microsoft suggests not to use it for .NET to .NET distributed applications. I will nevertheless demonstrate the use of SoapSuds.exe in case you are willing to take the risk.
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Real I/O
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Method of passing the output from one command to another for further processing. Piping is achieved within the shell by typing the | symbol.
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.NET Remoting Usage Reference . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 487
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The approach necessitates management of the passwords for the systems. Different legacy systems may require password changes at different times. Users will still have to remember (or, dangerously, write down) the individual passwords so that they can change them when they expire, or alternatively the passwords will need to be set not to expire at all, which is in itself a security risk. For seamless integration, the proxy SSO server would need to manage the life cycle for each username and password pair. If the proxy SSO server had rules for each legacy system that dictated the password expiration, the range of valid password values, and the ability to change passwords, this could all be managed for the user. The integration development costs for a project like this would be very high. Because the passwords must be retrieved in order to present them to the legacy systems, they must be stored by the proxy SSO solution in an encrypted form that decrypts to plaintext. This is generally considered undesirable. More desirable would be a solution that stores a message digest or hash of the password, so the original password cannot be reconstructed.
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Have a look in the address bar. Do you see the WSDL in the query string This is how you can manually retrieve the WSDL of any ASP.NET web service. Simply attach WSDL at the end of the web service URL and you get the WSDL. Click the Back button to return to the previous page. You will notice the list of web methods (operations). Click the HelloWorld web method. You will be taken to another help page wherein you can execute this web method (see Figure 9-4).
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Next, finish the wizard, and the ASP.NET code for the ObjectDataSource and form bindings will be generated for you. It should look something like this:
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6. Click Finish. The wizard will start to generate the script. At the end you will see a summary of how the script production went. Any errors will be within the Message column on the right, as shown in Figure 7-21.
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If you can spot the problematic process, look for its PID and issue the following command:
By doing it this way, you re able to handle most of your testing without yet doing any major electrical design work. There are several quick turnaround PCB fabrication businesses on the Web with simple tools you can use to get a taste of PCB design. This also provides a gauge to measure your ability to perform the design and handle dealing with the fabrication vendors. If designing a board such as this is a no brainer for you and it works the first time, then you can be pretty confident in your skills. On the other hand, if this seems way beyond your capability, then hire someone. Most fab houses can generally refer you to several designers they ve worked with to handle what you need to offload. Unless you are already far overburdened with too many other things to do, give this process a try. Even if you wind up outsourcing most of your design work, you ll want to be able to talk to your designer in a knowledgeable manner. The iPhone interface board in the lower right of Figure 10 7 cost less than a hundred dollars including shipping. Believe me, unless you re very, very skilled (and if you were you probably don t need to read this book) or very, very lucky, you re going to make mistakes of the couple hundred-dollar variety throughout this process. Taking this step early on will go a ways to reducing the number and cost of those mistakes. NOTE: I haven t really talked about what all this (creating an accessory) is going to cost you. As with anything, there is a lot of variation depending on what you re trying to do, what you can borrow or get as a loan, etc. It s very common to negotiate with vendors to get lower rates; I ve personally done that on just about everything. As a practical matter, you can expect to spend a minimum of a couple thousand dollars to get to the point where you have a working accessory. By working accessory, I m talking a board that you can plug into an iPhone that contains all your electronics, i.e., no mechanical housing. Let s face it, if it were easy or cheap, everyone would be doing it.
Three sendTempFile() methods stream a file in the temporary directory to a user s web browser. They set the HTTP Content-Length and Last-Modified headers on the HTTP response. If the MIME type of the file is either image/jpeg or image/png, they also set the HTTP Content-Type header.
' Set up query Dim sqlqry As String = _ "select " _ & " count(*) " _ & "from " _ & " employees" ' Set up insert statement Dim sqlins As String = _ "insert into employees " _ & "( " _ & " firstname, " _ & " lastname " _ & ") " _ & "values('Zachariah', 'Zinn')"
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