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The Model and Controller parts can be kept as they are. Data can be exchanged between the Flex user interface and the Apache Struts application either in a textbased format like XML or in an object format streamed over the binary Action Message Format (AMF) protocol. When using XML, the Flex HTTPService object can be used to invoke the Apache Struts action URLs. For example, a current Apache Struts action may be accessed using a URL string as follows: http://hostname:port/ Such a URL can be invoked using the Flex HTTPService object as well. When using object streams and AMF, you need to write a component on the Apache Struts side that can marshal and unmarshal between the AS3 and Java objects. Although you can write all the artifacts required to migrate an Apache Struts 1.x application to Flex, you can also leverage open source implementations that already do part or all of this job. One such package to look at is FxStruts. FxStruts is an open source set of components and libraries that facilitates the migration from Apache Struts 1.x to Flex. FxStruts is hosted on Google Code and can be accessed at FxStruts implements the JSPs and tag libraries that route output and error messages to a Flex user interface. It also implements a Flex component that extends the HTTPService component and enables HTTP requests that send and receive data over the binary AMF protocol. A component to marshal and unmarshal between AS3 and Java is also included in the package. The distribution comes as a couple of JAR files and a Flex SWC library file. The JAR files are deployed with the Apache Struts application, and the SWC file is referenced from within the Flex project. Apache Struts provides a tag library to include in the JSPs. These tag libraries implement the features that write the output and the error messages as well. For example, the bean:write tag facilitates the writing of Java objects to display elements on the JSP. FxStruts implements a tag library that uses a similar nomenclature and includes an fx:write tag that behind the scenes facilitates the writing of a JavaBean to a Flex interface, on the way converting the Java object to AS3 and turning it into a format that the Flex interface understands. FxStruts comes with documentation and includes a sample application. I suggest that you refer to the documentation available online from Google Code to learn the details. Although the fundamental concepts illustrated are explained, the details are intentionally left out because duplicating publicly available information in this book would be redundant. The information given so far will get you ready to refactor your Apache Struts 1.x application to utilize a Flex interface. This knowledge will also help you improvise on the techniques to successfully migrate Apache Struts applications that use Apache Tiles to generate views. Next, we look at using Ruby on Rails and Flex together.
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Now when you run your application, it will be an Ajax one, and you will not see the full page refresh when you perform an action on the DataGrid. For your reference, here is the full HTML markup for the page. Despite the pretty complex functionality, no C# or JavaScript coding was required.
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element to the schema. As opposed to adding a node to the schema, a node is added to the property schema, as shown in Figure 2 11.
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Now press F5 to test the application. When the application shows up, press the Print Formatted button; when you see the Print dialog, select your printer and press Print. If all goes well, the printed output should appear as shown in Figure 15-6.
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Table 5-1. Parts of an XSD Schema
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Figure 2-14. Handling events of the XmlDocument class
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New Folder
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Once you have added the users to whom you would like to grant VNC client access, click the Computer Settings button in the Sharing preference pane, and verify that the Anyone may request permission to control screen is unchecked (see Figure 15 3). Leaving this option enabled means you will be prompted when clients attempt to gain access. In many cases, it is preferable to be prompted because it allows users to be informed when a remote connection is being made.
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1. Clear the query window in Query Editor and set the display option back to showing a grid by pressing Ctrl+D. Once complete, enter the following code into the Query Editor pane. This will return the data in the ascending (the default) order of the cleared balance of our customers. SELECT LEFT(CustomerFirstName + ' ' + CustomerLastName,50) AS 'Name', ClearedBalance Balance FROM CustomerDetails.Customers ORDER BY Balance 2. Execute the code; this will produce the results shown in Figure 8-32.
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As an alternative to the Bitmap class, you can use the EncodedImage class to obtain a drawable image. EncodedImage has separate subclasses for each of the supported image types and methods that provide more detail about each than is available for a standard Bitmap. For example, a PNGEncodedImage offers information about the alpha bit depth for a particular image. However, unlike Bitmaps, EncodedImages are not mutable: you cannot alter the images once created. As with Bitmap, there are multiple ways to create an EncodedImage. Reference a resource in the COD file: EncodedImage.getEncodedImageResource("clip.png"); Create from bytes: EncodedImage.createEncodedImage(rawData, 0, -1); You can create a BitmapField for an EncodedImage in order to display it on the screen.
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Note The theme_comment themable function is not responsible for controlling the threading of
4: Cheese, 1 @ $1.75 [] 5: Ice Cream, 4 @ $5.75 [] Total cost: $34.64 1: Bread, 2 @ $2.95 [Get 100% Whole Wheat, if possible] 2: Milk, 1 @ $3.99 [] 4: Cheese, 1 @ $1.75 [] 5: Ice Cream, 4 @ $5.75 [] Total cost: $34.64 You don't really need Ice Cream Removing Ice Cream... 1: Bread, 2 @ $2.95 [Get 100% Whole Wheat, if possible] 2: Milk, 1 @ $3.99 [] 4: Cheese, 1 @ $1.75 [] Total cost: $11.64 The list is empty Workflow ended Press ENTER to exit The complete implementation of Program.cs is shown in Listing 18-6. Listing 18-6. Implementation of Program.cs using using using using using System; System.Collections.Generic; System.Activities; System.Activities.Statements; System.Activities.Expressions;
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