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The iPhone and iPod touch both support connecting to standards compliant wireless access points and VPNs. The Wireless network settings can be configured to access a wireless network by opening the Settings application, typically found on the devices home screen. With settings open, tap on General button and then Network. Here, you will have access to configure VPN and Wi-Fi connectivity settings. By tapping on Wi-Fi, you will have options to turn Wi-Fi off completely, or to join a particular network from a presented list of found SSIDs. Select the appropriate network and then enter the required information to connect to it. Alternatively, if you want to connect to a hidden network, tap Other and then specify the SSID, security type, and credentials. This should be familiar because it is also how you would connect to the same type of network from within Mac OS X (see Figure 10-10).
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Designing the Body Section
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Security and Single Sign-On
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Sharing a Folder from Within Ubuntu
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You can produce different derivations depending on which nonterminal you expand at each step. In the previous derivation, you chose to always expand the leftmost nonterminals, but you can just as easily expand from the right or even mix the two strategies. Usually, you stick to either left or rightmost derivation using LL or LR parsers, respectively; and if your grammar is written in a well-defined way, you get the same parse tree. On the other hand, if, given a particular derivation strategy, you get more than one parse tree for a given input, the grammar is said to be ambiguous.
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Despite the new VB features and terminology, what you did should feel familiar. Once you get the hang of it, it s an appealing alternative for coding queries. You basically coded a query expression instead of SQL to populate a collection that you could iterate through with a For Each statement. However, you provided a connection string, but didn t explicitly open or close a connection. Further, no command, data reader, or indexer was required. You didn t even need the System.Data or System.Data.SqlClient namespace to access SQL Server. Pretty cool.
public class RegistrationService : IRegistrationService { private static List<Uri> subscribers = new List<Uri>(); private static object obj = new object(); public void Register(string uri) { Uri channelUri = new Uri(uri, UriKind.Absolute); Subscribe(channelUri); } public void Unregister(string uri) { Uri channelUri = new Uri(uri, UriKind.Absolute); Unsubscribe(channelUri); } private void Subscribe(Uri channelUri) { lock (obj) { if (!subscribers.Exists((u) => u == channelUri)) { subscribers.Add(channelUri); } } } public static void Unsubscribe(Uri channelUri) { lock (obj) { subscribers.Remove(channelUri); } } public static List<Uri> GetSubscribers() { return subscribers; } } Take a look closer look at the code that you just added to the RegistrationService.cs file. Notice that the RegistrationService class implements the IRegistrationService interface on the very first line this is important! Aside from that, the code is pretty straightforward: a collection of push notification URIs is maintained in the static subscribers variable, and every client that calls the Register method of the service gets added to that list of subscribers. The lock function is used to prevent multiple
Array: The Array object to enumerate. Method: The function to call. Context: A free-format string containing data that you can pass to the function. The function will get the context using this. var result = ''; var a = ['Item 1', 'Item 2', 'Item 3', 'Item 4']; Array.forEach(a, buildString, ":"); Function buildString(element, index, array) { result+= element + this + index + ","; } // will output 'Item 1:0, Item2:1, Item3:2, Item4:3'
You can control when an event stops repeating by also applying a COUNT or an END value. The former states that the event will recur a certain number of times at the provided frequency and then stop. The latter means that the event will keep recurring until a certain calendar time, at which point it will cease. COUNT must be provided as an int, while END is a date. To make this event repeat for the next eight weeks, we would use the COUNT as shown below.
Buffering Output
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