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Like IndexOf, but searches from the end of the array or specified index. Changes the size of the array. Reverses the order of a 1D array (or portion of the array). Sets an element to the specified value.
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In the circled area, you can see that the HTTP Content-Length header goes down from 549 bytes to 234 bytes when using the compression sink.
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Database name Specifies the authentication mode Network .dll
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RIM s asymmetric ciphers are based around the CryptoSystem interface. Each also includes a PublicKey, a PrivateKey, and several other classes relating to that crypto system s operation. The issue of key distribution is outside the scope of this chapter. If your app only needs to encrypt outgoing messages, it can be configured with the recipient s public key, but if the app needs to decrypt incoming messages, you must decide how best to give senders access to the client s public key. With that in mind, the following code demonstrates how you can use Certicom s implementation of RSA cryptography to encrypt a message. Here, we construct a random pair of public and private keys; in real applications, these would likely be generated from known key values. Because the underlying cipher is a block cipher, we wrap and pad it as before, then run the input through the cipher to generate the encrypted message.
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CHAPTER 3: Some Basics
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Handling Events Raised During Deserialization
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The matches method of the pointcut implementation will be called for candidate methods to determine whether the pointcut applies to them. The proxy will then be generated to make the appropriate method calls. The matches method here specifies that advice associated with this pointcut will be applied to methods when (according to the if conditions) the target class is a TimesheetService implementation, the method takes at least one parameter, and the first parameter of the method is a UserAccount reference. This is exactly equivalent to the pointcut defined declaratively in Listing 5-26. With a pointcut and advice defined, we combine them into an advisor that will apply the pointcut to corresponding methods. The advisor is detected by the Spring bean factory when it is loaded and used to generate appropriate proxy implementations. The advisor configuration is shown in Listing 5-34.
s Note The conceptual model is defined in an XML file using CSDL. CSDL defines the entities and the relationships as the application s business layer knows them. This is why you need to modify the column names to be readable and easy to find by the entity.
an Atomic Scope shape, because the ReceivePipelineOutputMessages class is not serializeable and cannot be persisted to the MessageBox.
Figure 7-8. Writing DataSet as XML with schema information
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