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Other settings that you can turn on or off include Site Name, Site Slogan, and Mission Statement. These are all text that you configured on the general site settings page (admin/settings). Then there are the primary and secondary links that you created on the theme configuration global settings page (admin/themes/settings). Enabling the User Pictures in Posts option or the User Pictures in Comments option controls whether user pictures or avatars are displayed in posts or comments. These fields will be disabled unless you first enable picture support from the admin/settings/user page. Finally, if you have the Search module enabled, you can toggle the search box with the Search Box setting. You can set the toggle display settings globally or individually for each installed theme.
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Although the index size (as indicated by the leaf block count) has grown somewhat, the significant change is yet again the clustering_factor. When the index is just (movement_date), we expect to see lots of rows for the same date entering the database at the same time, and the 500 rows we have created for each date will be packed in a clump of 9 or 10 adjacent blocks in the table at about 50 rows per block. An index based on just the movement_date will have a very good clustering_factor. When we change the index to (movement_date, product_id), the data is still clustered by date, but any two entries for the same product_id on the same date are likely to be in two different table blocks in that little group of nine or ten. As we walk the index for a given date, we will be jumping back and forth around a small cluster of table blocks not staying inside one table block for 50 steps of the index. Our clustering_factor will be hugely increased. We can see the effect of this with a couple of queries: select sum(qty) from t1 where and ; select product_id, max(small_vc) from t1 where movement_date = trunc(sysdate) + 7 group by product_id ; The first query is an example of the type of query that encouraged us to add the extra column to the index. The second query is an example of a query that will suffer as a consequence of the change. In both cases, Oracle will be visiting the same little clump of about ten blocks in the table but the extra column changes the order in which the rows are visited (which is what the clustering_factor is about), so the cost changes, and in the second case the execution plan changes for the worse. We start with the execution plans for first query (before and after change), and note that the cost of the query does drop in a way that could reasonably represent the effect of the higher precision of the index: Execution Plan ( autotrace first query - original index) ------------------------------------------------------------------0 SELECT STATEMENT Optimizer=ALL_ROWS (Cost=12 Card=1 Bytes=14) 1 0 SORT (AGGREGATE) 2 1 TABLE ACCESS (BY INDEX ROWID) OF 'T1' (Cost=12 Card=8 Bytes=112) 3 2 INDEX (RANGE SCAN) OF 'T1_I1' (NON-UNIQUE) (Cost=2 Card=500) movement_date = trunc(sysdate) + 7 product_id = 44
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If you click on the Sessions tab, then you will be able to look at various statistics about your storage including the LUN identifier and disk name, as seen in Figure 4-22.
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The makings of a typical script includes a hash-bang line "!/bin/bash", variable declarations "declare FOO=BAR" , and optionally command variable declarations, This is all we need to create a static script. We will cover these terms more in-depth in the following section, as well as explore the logical constructs that make a script such a powerful wrapper for the command-line tools Mac OS X provides. The bash shell is based on the Bourne shell (sh), and is syntactically backwardcompatible. In fact, the b and a in BASH stand for Bourne Again, a tribute to sh and its author Stephen Bourne. The bash shell is very capable, and has support for numerous control statements. This includes support for standard control statements: if/elif/else constructs, case statements, as well as for, while, and until loop statements. A control statement in a programming or scripting environment provides ways for a coder to control the execution of code. These statements provide the means to perform basic tests on data, which will then define the flow of execution, all based upon the criteria we design. Through the use of if/else and case control statements, we can control whether or not code gets executed at all. These functions are referred to as branching statements, as they control specific paths of code execution. Looping statements, such as for, while, and until are control statements that allow for reuse of code through iteration. Bash provides looping statements in the form of for , until , and while loops. Each of these looping statements provides capabilities to help you manage highly repetitive tasks. Control statements serve as the fundamental tools for logical execution of your code. The bash shell also includes some internal data manipulation routines, provided via globing and variable mangling, though for any advanced parsing, such as regular expressions, you ll be much better off with an external program that is suited for the purpose. That being said, we ll walk you through some of the commonly used bash constructs, which will bestow upon you the building blocks towards implementing your own automations.
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All these activities, with the exception of CompleteInstance, are implemented as coded activities. I won t take the time to list all the source code here; you can browse the code in Visual Studio. They use a DBConnection extension to obtain the connections string (see 12) and use a PersistQueueInstance extension to save the changes as part of the workflow persistence (see 15). As with all the other projects in this book, they use LINQ to SQL to access the database tables.
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Note You can attach only to orchestrations that have not completed. If this is the first time that the orchestration
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At first look, .NET Remoting is to Web Services what ASP has been to CGI programming. It takes care of a lot of issues for you: contrary to Web Services, for example, .NET Remoting enables you to work with stateful objects. In addition to the management of stateful objects, .NET Remoting gives you a flexible and extensible framework that allows for different transfer mechanisms (HTTP and TCP are supported by default), encodings (SOAP and binary come with the framework), and security settings (IIS Security and SSL come out of the box). With these options, and the possibility of extending all of them or providing completely new implementations, .NET Remoting is well suited to today s distributed applications. You can choose between HTTP-based transport for the Internet or a faster TCP-based one for LAN applications by literally changing a single line in a configuration file. Interface description does not have to be manually coded in any way, even though it s supported if you like to design your applications this way. Instead, metadata can be extracted from running servers, or from any .NET assembly.
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Now that you have the database ready, you can proceed to create the web service. To do so, choose File New Web Site from the menu to open the New Web Site dialog box. Name the web service project ECommerceService.
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CHAPTER 8: Automating Administrative Tasks
CHAPTER 3: Securing User Accounts
' Set up DML Dim del As String = _ "delete from employees " _ & "where " _ & " employeeid = @employeeid "
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