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generating dsimport-style import files you are greatly reducing the possibility for human error, streamlining the import process, and ensuring more consistent results. Note: A common automation would also be to tailor this same script to create computers based on imaging events on a live system. For example, an imaged computer can write a text file or copy its computer information into a centralized database to aid in managed preferences. Additionally, the imaged system could automatically connect to the patch management framework you are utilizing. Finally, for larger installations where users are actually created in out-of-band solutions (e.g., Oracle-based Student Management System or SAP-based ERP solution) you can automatically generate user accounts based on events from those databases.
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private var component:UIComponent; private var btn:Button;
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One of the fundamental building blocks of computation in F# is recursion. The following code shows a simple, well-known recursive function: > let rec factorial n = if n <= 1 then 1 else n * factorial (n-1);; val factorial : int -> int > factorial 5;; val it : int = 120 This example shows that a recursive function is simply one that can call itself as part of its own definition. Recursive functions are introduced by let rec. Functions aren t recursive by default, because it s wise to isolate recursive functions to help you control the complexity of your algorithms and keep your code maintainable. It may help to visualize the execution of factorial 5 in the following way (note that in reality, F# executes the function using efficient native code): factorial 5 = 5 * factorial 4 = 5 * (4 * factorial 3) = 5 * (4 * (3 * factorial 2)) = 5 * (4 * (3 * (2 * factorial 1 ))) = 5 * (4 * (3 * (2 * 1))) = 5 * (4 * (3 * 2)) = 5 * (4 * 6) = 5 * 24 = 120 As with all calls, the execution of the currently executing instance of the function is suspended while a recursive call is made. Many of the operators you ve encountered so far can be coded as recursive functions. For example, the following is one possible implementation of List.length: let rec length l = match l with | [] -> 0 | h :: t -> 1 + length t Likewise, many functions such as List.iter are often implemented using recursive functions. Recursion is sometimes used as a means of programming particular patterns of control. For example, the following code repeatedly fetches the HTML for a particular web page, printing each time it s fetched: let rec repeatFetch url n = if n > 0 then let html = http url printfn "fetched <<< %s >>> on iteration %d" html n repeatFetch url (n-1)
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TIP: Using SACLs can be helpful with services such as VPN that do not have their own granular user controls within the service. You can also use the Administrators sub-tab to configure users and groups that have been granted privileges to administer and monitor specific services. These users would then be able to change configuration settings for defined services, as well as have the ability to start and stop them.
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Protecting the Privacy of Your Information
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Additionally, you can parse a localized string to get a number using the parseLocale function, like this:
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Finnish programmer who, in 1991, created the initial versions of the Linux kernel. Since then, he has taken advantage of an international network of volunteers and staff employed by various companies who help produce the kernel. Torvalds himself contributes to and oversees the efforts.
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Figure 2-15. The Task List window If you begin a comment line with a valid token that the IDE recognizes as a Task List comment, such as the word TODO, it will be picked up and displayed by the Task List. At any time, you can double-click an item in the Task List and be brought directly to that line of code and complete any necessary work. Using the previous example from the Error List, if you determine that now is not a good time to fix that error, perhaps because of the amount of work involved, you could simply comment on the line of code so your website would compile and mark it with a TODO comment and you do not forget about it.
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You can use aliases in the sudoers file to indicate a variable that contains a user, multiple users, a group, or multiple groups. When working with multiple users or groups on a system, it is always a good idea to create aliases on the system to apply attributes to multiple users or groups at once. If you need to apply the same access rights to a group of users, you can do this by using an alias membership rather than by applying permissions for each user individually. When referencing an alias or group of users in sudoers, you will notice that % will be placed in front of the group name. To be clear, the % character is not used to signify the name of a new group, but is used to reference groups. For example, by adding the following line to the sudoers file, you could create an alias called powerusers that contains members of a group called admin, the user called cedge, and a user called MyCompany. We will also create an entry that simply lists those who the webmasters are:
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CHAPTER 1: Getting Started
Note Starting with .NET Framework 1.1, you will receive the generic message Requested Service not found
The ability to easily deploy printers to your user base can be a huge time saver managing printers across multiple locations and hundreds of users by hand would take enormous amounts of time. The good news is that MCX works very well for managing which network printers are available to users, allowing an administrator to remotely assign printers at all of the typical MCX management layers. From an end user s perspective, they will simply see all of their deployed printers from the available printer list in any printer dialog box. Beyond this, MCX provides numerous facilities: setting default printers (useful for deploying at the computer and computer group levels); forcing a footer on the printout which includes the user s name, date, and optionally the printing computer s MAC address; and restricting access to a printer by requiring administrative access. In order to deploy a network printer via MCX, you must first configure the printer on your administrative computer. Once configured and tested, open up Workgroup Manager, select the object that you wish to manage, and then select the Printing preferences pane, as shown in Figure 7-12. There is no right answer here for deploying printers. In some cases, it may make sense to deploy the occasional printer to an individual user. In lab or kiosk environments, it makes more sense to deploy at the computer group and set a default printer. This way, when a user logs into that computer, their default printer will be the closest one to the computer. In large environments, it may even be desirable to create and utilize groups specifically for printer management to provide better visibility and scalability.
Deleting a node is fairly simple. The DeleteSelf() method of XPathNavigator deletes the current node. After the node is successfully deleted, the cursor is moved to the parent node of the deleted node. Listing 4-16 shows the usage of DeleteSelf(). Listing 4-16. Deleting a Node private void button4_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) { navigator.MoveToRoot(); navigator.MoveToFirstChild(); while (navigator.MoveToNext()) { navigator.MoveToFirstChild(); do { string id = navigator.GetAttribute("employeeid", ""); if (id == textBox1.Text) { navigator.DeleteSelf(); } } while (navigator.MoveToNext()); } } As in the previous case, the code looks for a specific <employee> node. After it finds the node, it calls the DeleteSelf() method on the navigator.
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