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---- Sort Parameters -----------------------------sort_area_size 3555328 sort_area_retained_size 3555328 sort_multiblock_read_count 31 max intermediate merge width 5 ---- Sort Statistics -----------------------------Initial runs 7 Number of merges 1 The most obvious anomaly is that Oracle has reported the sort_area_size as 3.5MB, when we know that the memory demand must have peaked at around 10MB. Then we notice the sizes of the sort runs: the first one was 598 blocks (about 4.5MB), followed by several more modestly sized runs in the region of 1MB to 1.7MB. Given our knowledge of how much excess memory Oracle needs for sorting, we know that the first sort run is consistent with a 10MB sort_area_size, and the rest are consistent with a sort_area_size of around 2MB to 3.5MB. You might also notice that the sort_multiblock_read_count of 31 is much higher than the value of 2 that we saw in our earlier 10032 trace, with a corresponding reduction in the max intermediate merge width. There is even a hint of an anomaly in the max intermediate merge width although it has the value 5, the next few lines from the 10032 trace tell us that we produced seven sort runs, but merged them all in one pass. The key is in the word intermediate. The mechanism (or possibly just the reporting) varies depending on whether the workarea_size_policy is set to manual or auto, but the run-time engine has some room to be flexible on the final merge pass of a sort operation, as it can determine that it will be possible to read and merge all the streams in one go if it avoids reserving any memory for writing streams back to disk. Hence my comment earlier on that the number of merge passes could still be one even though the number of initial runs exceeds the max intermediate merge width.
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CHAPTER 6: Basic Troubleshooting
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Recommendation: Consider Avoiding the Use of Implementation Inheritance for Extensibility
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to write to the Event Viewer to use the System.Diagnostic.EventLog.WriteEntry method.
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The codecs for video playback are created by the open-source community and are therefore entirely free of copyright issues, but it is claimed some utilize patented technology. As you might expect, this makes for another legally gray area. It s unlikely that the patent holders sanction the distribution of the codecs in countries that allow software to be patented. As with audio playback codecs, you will need to decide whether the caveats shown by Ubuntu during the installation of the codecs apply to you.
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4. Not much seems to have happened, but that s because you wrote to a file rather than to the screen. Open productstable.xml to see the XML. (One way in Visual Studio is to use File Open File.) Figure 13-12 shows the XML extracted for the first five product rows.
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dsconfigad -f -a mycomputername -u domainadmin -p domainadminspassword -domain
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Again, remember that each member returns a Configuration object whose values are obtained from within the Configuration object. This is important because when retrieving these values, an object of the same type, configuration, will need to be configured. Let s look at some code examples that demonstrate how to obtain the configuration settings from the respective web.config files.
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Piping the Output of Commands
Changing What Runs At Login
To retrieve all the permissions set for an app, use getApplicationPermissions(). This allows you to more compactly check multiple permissions settings at once, as the following example shows.
CHAPTER 9: Encrypting Files and Volumes
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