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RealProxy is an abstract base class for all client-side proxies. Actually, the client never uses RealProxy directly; it always has access to a TransparentProxy. TransparentProxy gives the client the illusion of talking to the remote object directly. Actually, TransparentProxy forwards any method calls to a RealProxy instance. RealProxy has the task of taking the method calls from TransparentProxy and forwards these method calls through the .NET Remoting infrastructure to the remote server object. references: 11: Inside the Framework 12: Creation of Sinks 13: Extending .NET Remoting More information on MSDN: frlrfsystemruntimeremotingproxiesrealproxyclasstopic.asp
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A trace statement is a console or log message that is inserted into a piece of code suspected of containing a bug, then generally removed once the bug has been found. Trace statements not only trace the path of execution through code, but the changing state of program variables as execution progresses. Once you have found the bug, you may find it helpful to leave a few of the trace statements in the code, perhaps converting console messages into file-based logging messages to assist in future debugging. If you're using a third party server, database, or script, check all of the components and you will often find a good amount of useful information about errors in the log files for each application or operating system. You may have to configure the component to log the sort of information you're interested in. Sometimes, after you've been hunting a bug for long enough, you begin to despair of ever finding it. When this happens, it can be useful to start from scratch. Create a new script, and bring each function from your old script over one at a time, checking each portion thoroughly before integrating it into the new script. At times, it is also a good idea to break each portion of a script into a separate scripts of its own. Research shows that bugs tend to cluster. When you encounter a new bug, think of the parts of the code where you have found bugs in the past, and whether they could be involved with the current bug. At times, this is just that the functions you are working with may not be your strongest, or that the code in general is just buggy, but experience tells that where there is one pesky bug, there are likely to be others. One of the most obscure sources of bugs is from using incompatible versions of thirdparty libraries. It is also one of the last things to check when you've exhausted other debugging strategies. For example, if version 5.1 of some library has a dependency on version 1.4g of SSL or some other library but you install 1.4b instead, the results may be issues that are difficult or impossible to diagnose. Checking your documentation can help with this. If all else fails, read the instructions. It's remarkable how often this simple step is . In their rush to start programming with some class library or utility, some developers will adopt a trial-and-error approach to using, for example, a new Perl mod. If there is little or no documentation, this may be appropriate. It's possible that your bug results from misuse of the mod and the underlying code is failing to check that you have obeyed all the necessary preconditions for its use. When a bug suddenly appears in functionality that has been working for some time, you should immediately wonder what has recently changed in the scripts or software that calls the scripts that might have caused the bug. This is where a version control system can be helpful, providing you with the ability to look at the change history of your code, or re-creating successively older versions of the code base until you get one in which the bug disappears. CVS and Subversion are both great examples of version control systems. What may be multi-causal problems are often troubleshot as a single-cause bug. When troubleshooting network issues and buggy scripts, it is often hardest to isolate issues
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'display info from each row in the data table. 'each row describes a column in the database table. For Each row In schema.Rows Dim col As DataColumn For Each col In schema.Columns Console.WriteLine _ ((col.ColumnName + " = " + row(col).ToString)) Next col Console.WriteLine("----------------") Next row Notice how you use the ColumnName property of the DataColumn object to retrieve the current schema column name in the loop, and then you retrieve the value related to that column s definition by using the familiar indexer-style method that uses a DataRow object. DataRow has a number of overloaded indexers, and this is only one of several ways of doing it.
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Linux and Unix shorthand for the device usually used to provide input to the shell. For the majority of desktop PC users, this refers to the keyboard.
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The GNU/Linux cp command will copy your site s files (scripts and uploaded files) to a backup directory. Make sure the backup directory exists beforehand. Here s the syntax: cp -R -u --copy-contents /path/to/site/* /path/to/site/.htaccess /path/to/backup The first path, /path/to/site/* will copy all of the files in your site s directory except .htaccess. The second path, /path/to/site.htaccess, takes care of the .htaccess file. The third path is the directory (which must already exist) where the backup is to be stored. The -R flag sets the command to be recursive. The -u flag states that if a file already exists in the destination folder (from a previous backup, for example), it will be replaced only if the source is newer. This makes repeated applications of the cp command more efficient and better suited for an automated backup plan. Depending on whether you are using symbolic links, you need to decide whether to set the --dereference or --no-dereference flags. The --dereference flag will follow and copy symbolic links.
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10: Flex Mashups ..................................................................................... 305
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Before you rush into using this feature, just remember that it allows you to reclaim space by filling holes at the start of the table with data moved from the end of the table. In other words, any natural clustering of data based on arrival time could be lost as data is moved one row at a time from one end of the table to the other. Be careful about the effect this could have on the clustering_factor and desirability of the indexes on such a table.
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Listing 10-24. An EasyMock-Based Unit Test Suite
Connecting to Windows Vista
s Note If you click the Cancel button on the welcome dialog box of the wizard, this action will add an
Token token= new Token(xmlToken); givenname.Text = token.Claims[ClaimTypes.GivenName]; surname.Text = token.Claims[ClaimTypes.Surname]; email.Text = token.Claims[ClaimTypes.Email];
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