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// Get the connection string DBExtension ext = context.GetExtension<DBExtension>(); if (ext == null) throw new InvalidProgramException("No connection string available"); // Create a data context LeadDataDataContext dc = new LeadDataDataContext(ext.ConnectionString); // Enlist on the current transaction RuntimeTransactionHandle rth = new RuntimeTransactionHandle(); rth = context.Properties.Find(rth.ExecutionPropertyName) as RuntimeTransactionHandle; if (rth != null) { Transaction t = rth.GetCurrentTransaction(context); // Open the connection, if necessary if (dc.Connection.State == System.Data.ConnectionState.Closed) dc.Connection.Open(); dc.Connection.EnlistTransaction(t); } // Create an Assignment class and populate its properties Assignment a = new Assignment(); dc.Assignments.InsertOnSubmit(a); a.WorkflowID = context.WorkflowInstanceId; a.LeadID = LeadID.Get(context); a.DateAssigned = DateTime.Now; a.AssignedTo = AssignedTo.Get(context); a.Status = "Assigned"; a.DateDue = DateTime.Now + TimeSpan.FromDays(5); dc.SubmitChanges(); } } } The CreateAssignment activity takes two input arguments: LeadID, which defines the ID of the lead being assigned, and AssignedTo, which is the name of the agent it is being assigned to. The Execute() method gets the connection string from the DBExtension and creates a data context. It then enlists on the ambient transaction if there is one, just as you did with the AssignLead activity.
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As you can see in Figure 5-7, you can start recording your voice. While you record your voice, you can see a bar that moves with the intensity of your voice. That is possible through the AudioVisualization component.
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select o.orderid e.lastname from orders o inner join employees e on o.employeeid = e.employeeid inner join customers c on o.customerid = c.customerid
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Figure 11 12. Workbook alert message After creating the BAM workbook, the next step is to identify the key data items, milestones, or key performance indicators implemented through data aggregations. Again, keep in mind that the
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As networks and features of networks have grown, managed switches have become more popular. Managed switches can control internal network traffic and are used to split a network into logical segments, giving more granular control over network traffic and providing more advanced error detection. Managed switches also offer more advanced logging features to help network administrators isolate problem areas. Some managed switches are also stacked, although not all of them are capable of stacking. A standard feature to look for on a managed switch is VLAN support. VLAN, short for virtual LAN, describes a network of computers that behave as if they are connected to the same wire, even though they may actually be physically located on different
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// // setServePosition // Place the ball at approximately the center of the table // for the serve. // -- the ball's center position and speed are both structs // containing an X and Y value. This way, what we call // speed is really just the delta position added to the // ball at each call of the timer expiration. // -(void) setServePosition { = CGPointMake(BALL_STARTING_X, BALL_STARTING_Y); ballSpeed = CGPointMake(BALL_DELTA_X, -BALL_DELTA_Y); } // // compPlay - adjust the computer's paddle position to meet the ball // This is basically the only AI in the program and it's just moving // the comp's paddle towards the ball at a certain speed. Really, // if the player is very, very lucky and has gotten a good angle on his // return *and* the computer's paddle is at the extreme other side of the // table, then it might just NOT make it to the ball in time and the // player will score a point. // -(void) compPlay { if( <= + COMP_SETUP_TIME) { // is ball on computer's side of court if( < { // does computer need to move racquet CGPoint compLocation = CGPointMake( - COMP_REACTION_TIME,; = compLocation; } if( > { CGPoint compLocation = CGPointMake( + COMP_REACTION_TIME,; = compLocation; } } } // // gameLoop - the heart of the game // // This is called at every expiration of the NSTimer interval that we set at startup time // Typically, in this type of design, the first thing to do is check all the boundary conditions: // has the ball hit an edge of something (the room), has a point been scored, is the game over, // has the ball connected with the player's or computer's paddle. // Note that all the code in the entire function is contingent on the game status being IN_PLAY. This // should be obvious that we only want the automatic part of the system to update if we're in the
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Exploit the interoperability of the .NET platform by designing the interface with the designer, generating C# or another supported language and using the F# code as a library.
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Figure 5-2. ApressFinancial with no tables 4. Right-click the Tables node and select New Table. This will take you into the Table Designer. Figure 5-3 shows how the Table Designer looks when you first enter it.
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s Code snippets such as this are available in the code download in the Source Code/Download area Tip
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Managing GNOME Sessions
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