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TeleTYpewriter; shorthand referring to underlying Linux virtual devices that allow programs and users to access the kernel and thereby run programs.
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To get our application started, we first need to activate our TintPlugin. This plug-in will be used to tint our movieClips from one color to another. Next, we need to make sure that our viewport has interactive events enabled. The way we do this is by setting viewport.interactive to true. With this we will be able to use things like InteractiveScene3DEvent.OBJECT_PRESS to interact with our 3D items. Next we call methods to create our arrayCollection and the objects we ll use in our coverflow. Then we call startRendering, which will begin rendering our Papervision objects. Finally, we call animate, which will place our items. Let s first discuss the creation of our arrayCollection, which is little more than a holder for our movieClips tint color.
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Isn t there a wonderfully tantalizing hint of symmetry centered on the 6 line; and isn t it aesthetically irritating that it s not quite in the middle of the table We ll work out where these numbers came from in a couple of pages time; at the moment I just want to remind you that the optimizer is not intelligent it is just a piece of software. To the human mind, it is obvious that month_no > 8 or month_no <= 8 must return all the (non-null) entries in the table, but the optimizer code does not include that specific bit of pattern recognition; all it can see is two predicates with an OR between them. The fact that the optimizer can recognize the slightly different month_no >= 6 and month_no <= 9 as a single range on the same column is the result of a deliberate coding choice that stops it from being interpreted as two predicate clauses with an AND between them. It s a special case, and that s why the optimizer can calculate the (nearly) correct result. To calculate general combinations of predicates, you need three basic formulae; and for these formulae, you do need to talk in terms of selectivities, rather than cardinalities. The selectivity of (predicate1 AND predicate2) = selectivity of (predicate1) * selectivity of (predicate2). The selectivity of (predicate1 OR predicate2) = selectivity of (predicate1) + selectivity of (predicate2) minus selectivity of (predicate1 AND predicate2) ... otherwise, you ve counted the overlap twice. The selectivity of (NOT predicate1) = 1 selectivity of (predicate1) ... except for bind variable problems. Let s go back to our audience of 1,200 as a concrete example of what these statements mean. Imagine the audience has traveled from all over the European Union (as of 1 September 2003) to hear me speak. That means they come from 15 different countries and we will assume that the nationalities are randomly distributed (see script two_predicate_01.sql in the online code suite). Instead of asking for everyone born in December to raise their hands as I did in the first example, I ask only the Italians born in December to raise their hands. How many should I see I expect 100 people to be born in December (1 in 12); but that group of 100 comes from
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Figure 5 24. Selecting the artifact type 6. Drop an Expression shape in the orchestration, and enter the following code to invoke the external assembly, as shown in Figure 5 25.
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this mode, you can select comments en masse and delete them all in one go. This is less useful than it used to be now that comment spam detection is much improved. To exit from this mode, click the View Mode link.
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Figure 12-5. Input form with styled buttons 12. Finally, it would be nice to add a margin around the entire application. To do this, simply add a Margin property definition to the root Grid, as follows: <Grid x:Name="LayoutRoot" Background="White" Margin="25"> 13. Press F5. The final product is a UI that looks pretty nice, as shown in Figure 12-6. As you saw in this exercise, the process of setting inline properties in Visual Studio is simple and straightforward. However, the sample application contained only nine controls. You will look at some better options later in this chapter, in the Silverlight Styles section. Next, let s see how to set inline properties within Expression Blend.
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