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use for the scanned file. XSane can save in a variety of file formats, and it detects which you want to use from the file extension you choose. For example, typing picture.jpg will cause the picture to be saved as a JPEG image. Typing picture.tif will cause the image to be saved as a TIFF file.
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theme_node($node, $teaser = FALSE, $page = FALSE): Provides the HTML wrapper for the content of a node. Based on the $teaser parameter, this function will return either the truncated preview version of a node or the full version. The $page variable determines whether the node is being displayed on its own page or in a list of nodes, and usually controls whether or not the title is printed as a heading. The function also handles calling theme_links() for any links that are to appear along with the node, such as taxonomy terms and whatever links have been added by modules, such as comment or subscription links. theme_comment($comment, $links = 0): Handles the output of comments. This includes comments made to posts like blogs as well as comments in a threaded forum. Note that this does not handle the threading itself, just the HTML around the variable $comment. Whatever links are associated with the comment are expressed in the variable $links. theme_block($block): Gets called for each block region and wraps the block content in HTML. theme_box($title, $content, $region = 'main'): Builds a generic container around content, usually with the use of <div> tags. The theme_page($content) function is responsible for generating the actual page that gets sent to the browser. It is the last function that is called when building a page. To invoke this function correctly (without calling it directly), use the syntax theme('page', $content). This tells Drupal that a themable function called page is to be called with the parameter $content. Drupal then starts looking for the appropriate function.
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Note To handle multiple output messages from a receive pipeline (when using an envelope for message
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Running the Application
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turn your computer into an Internet router and can be very useful in certain circumstances. You can activate this later on by running the wizard again. Click Forward to continue.
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Figure 3-8. Selection options and the generated selection box
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Using Modules and Static Members
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Exposing an Existing Application As a Portlet
Figure 4-3. NUnit GUI runner
accounted for, and are delivered to the appropriate resident. That resident (the application layer) can finally assemble the contents of the packages. NOTE: Packets are explained in further detail later in this chapter. An example of security at the network layer is Network Address Translation (NAT), which presents a single IP address to the outside world, while maintaining a separate internal addressing scheme for the local network. Although it doesn t necessarily secure your network from outside attacks, the less information an outside attacker knows about your internal network, the better. This concept of security through obscurity increases the difficulty of exploiting vulnerabilities. Having a single incoming access point rather than a large number of systems connected directly to the Internet can make it easier to deal with certain risks, such as Denial of Service (DoS) attacks. However, this would not help protect your systems from other hosts on your internal network. The link layer comprises the physical implementation of the network. For example, a wired Ethernet network consists of a Network Interface Card (NIC) in each host connected to the network, and the cabling and switches that connect them. Another example is a wireless AirPort network, accessed with AirPort cards in laptops and hosted by AirPort base stations. There are also fiber-optic ports, satellite signals, and DSL modems of the various Internet service providers, all parts of the physical layer. The bigger your network is, the more vulnerable the physical layer. For a home user, physical security is as simple as using WPA2 encryption and a strong password on an AirPort network, as discussed in 12. For a large office, a larger number of switches and routers need to be secured. It is also important to look out for and stop unauthorized access points, spoofed MAC addresses, and Denial of Service attacks that may be launched, even unwittingly, by users. Each layer has its own part to play, and is generally ignorant of the implementation details of the other layers, which allow the TCP/IP stack to be rather scalable. The post office doesn t tape up the package, and it isn t concerned with what is done with the contents of the package once the recipient receives it. All it cares about is moving the package from one address to another. Similarly, when you pack your boxes, you neither know nor care whether they will be put in the back of a truck and driven across the country or packed with other items into a large container and flown across the country on a cargo jet. All you are concerned with is that they get there. However, as a security expert, you can t afford the luxury of this ignorance. You should be aware of that which you can control, and you should mitigate that which you can t control. Now that we ve run through a quick synopsis of what network traffic is, we ll discuss some of the various network topologies, management techniques for that traffic, and ways to safeguard network traffic from possible attacks.
t1_i5 (B-tree)
configuration file.
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