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CHAPTER 1: Directory Services
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Data Collection
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Figure 3-11. FlowSwitch connections
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Figure 2-25. Zoom settings in the ReportViewer control
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First download the Papervision source or swc. For the examples in this chapter we will use the Papervision3D_2.0.883.swc file ( 2.0.883.swc). In the following examples we will extend BasicView, which is included with Papervision3D. There is one important difference between Papervision s BasicView in Flex, and Flash. Since a Papervision BasicView extends Sprite and not UIComponent, you cannot add it to your application with a simple addChild or addElement. An easy way to get around this is to create a wrapper for adding it to the application, as you ll see shortly.
The variable _ac, an Accelerometer object, will be used to start and stop, and retrieve x, y, z and time. Also notice the inclusion of the ReadingChanged event, which you ll draw on to send captured accelerometer data to your UI. Accelerometer _ac; public MainPage() { InitializeComponent(); _ac = new Accelerometer(); _ac.ReadingChanged += new EventHandler<AccelerometerReadingEventArgs>(_ac_ReadingChanged); }
A MIDlet is a Java ME application. Java ME, previously known as J2ME, was developed by Sun Microsystem in the 1990s as an early way to write Java applications for extremely limited devices. The ME stands for Micro Edition, and the initial requirements were very micro indeed: devices could have as little as 192 kilobytes of RAM. Over the years, Java ME has expanded and matured along with the mobile market, gradually adding new features and support as they become widely available in handsets. A collection of optional features for Java ME is called a JSR, or Java Specification Request. You will encounter some of the more popular JSRs later in this book. JSRs cover features like filesystem access, media playback, XML parsing, and more. RIM has been pretty good at adopting the most widespread and useful JSRs. You can find some of a BlackBerry s supported JSRs by visiting the device s Options menu, then selecting About. You will likely see several options such as Micro Edition File and Micro Edition Bluetooth. Java ME is available on a wide range of handsets, not just BlackBerry devices. Due to different display sizes, supported JSRs, and other discrepancies, MIDlets rarely actually offer Write once, run everywhere functions. Still, porting between two Java ME phones is much easier than porting between two different platforms.
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