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Figure 3-10. The Connection Properties dialog By default, you are presented with the options for connecting to a SQL Server database. As we were saying earlier, there are other options for data sources that you can connect to. To see these, click on the Providers button. You will see a screen as shown in Figure 3-11. You can see here that you can specify OLE DB, ODBC, and Oracle as alternatives to the SQL Server provider; however, you will select the SQL Server provider for your purposes here. The All button along the left navigation bar is the standard properties viewer that you saw earlier in the Properties window. The properties available are dependent on what provider is selected. Figure 3-12 shows the properties available for the SQL Server provider.
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You can generally send a few messages to MMS via email, but for large-scale message distribution, you will need to get an agreement with the carriers or go through a message aggregator. When this happens, you become a Value Added Service Provider. You can use MMS messages to communicate directly with your users, or to carry multimedia data to an application on their phone. SMS messages were tightly constrained by existing carrier infrastructure and had to conform to those limits. In contrast, MMS messages were designed to be flexible and expandable. A single MMS message is transmitted in a Protocol Data Unit, or PDU. The PDU contains a set of message headers that include data such as the recipients, the size of the message, delivery confirmation requests, and other factors. After the headers come one or more attachments. Each carrier can mandate what media formats a phone must accept, and OEMs can choose to add additional formats, so you should check with your target carrier to see if they support your desired media on your targeted devices. However, all major MMSCs include transcoders, which are specialized services that translate attachments into compatible formats. For example, if you attempt to send a 640 480 resolution BMP to a device that only supports JPEG format up to 320 240, the MMSC will automatically convert the message attachment before it reaches the recipient. An MMSC can even split up a video file into a slideshow of still images. This can be very useful for ordinary use, but is a fact you should be aware of when sending messages: you cannot assume that the file you send will be binary equivalent to the file the phone receives. Again, support varies, but nearly all picture phones support JPEG and PNG images and MIDI and AMR audio, and nearly all video phones support 3GP video. One important, extra piece of information in an MMS message is a Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language, or SMIL, attachment. This is a special type of attachment that describes how the other components within the message should be presented. The SMIL defines a series of slides, each of which will display for a specified length of time, and it can include some combination of text, image, and video. It s possible, therefore, to construct fairly elaborate messages with synchronized sound for an impressive impact. Figure 4-4 shows one possible configuration of such an MMS message. In practice, however, MMS messages are rarely used for anything more than
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Here is the same data model as an object class, often used in Flex frameworks. Notice that you set the entire class as Bindable to bind all the properties in the class. The constructor allows you to set all the properties in the VO for easy creation of the class.
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CHAPTER 7: Where s the Buffet
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There, now I feel better. Same-server restores should be done only when you know it is safe to do so. How do you know if it is safe Well, you could always ask someone. Or you could look to see if people are currently connected to the instance. Or, if your database is fairly small and manageable, and the restore should only take a few minutes at most, it should be safe. And of course, if it is a non-production server, then you can feel safer. Which databases should you verify can be restored You could focus your efforts on just about any group or set of databases. The real goal here is for you to become familiar with the restore process in your new shop as well as to verify that the backups are usable. Make certain you know all aspects of the recovery process for your shop before you start poking around on any system of importance. It could save you some embarrassment later on should you sound the alarm that a backup is not valid and what turns out to not be valid is really just your understanding of how things work. TIP: Another good reason to practice restores is so that you can perform one when the call comes in at 3:00 a.m. the morning after you ve stayed up late three nights in a row. You ll be tired. You won t be thinking clearly. The practice that you ve previously put in will serve as your brain s muscle memory. Practice makes you better able to do the right thing under pressure and when fatigued.
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Designing the Body Section
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Tip: On most BlackBerry devices, a connection string of sms://:0 indicates that this app wants to receive ALL incoming SMS messages. This should not be abused, as it will prevent messages from being delivered to other apps.
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Legacy Module
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I live and work in a remote area. Services aren t what they are in the big cities. Ambulance services are part volunteer, and I m one of the volunteers in our local service. My EMS sideline has given me some good perspective on staying calm. First of all, nothing you face as a DBA will compare to walking into a residence during a 911 call to find your patient lying on the floor and completely unresponsive. Is it a heart attack A low blood sugar episode A drug reaction Do you know what to do Will the patient die Will it be your fault Once you ve faced that sort of situation, you ll find that a mere database disaster just doesn t register very highly on the it matters meter. No one is likely to die just because the database is down, unless it s your boss from having the big one. Secondly, good patient care begins with staying calm. An EMS crew that gets rattled and begins to hurry too much is a crew that will make mistakes. Give me a steady and calm crew every time. Ditto in database administration. Good DBA work begins with calmness. Move slowly with deliberation. Don t rush. Take time to think. Lastly, when confronted with something really scary, when you have that deer-in-the-headlights feeling fall over you, that s the time we in EMS fall back on our ABCs: airway, breathing, and circulation. The ABCs work for database administration, too. Can you breathe Take a deep breath. Is air moving in and out Put your finger on your wrist. Do you feel your pulse If you ve got those things, then relax: you ve got time to think.
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These capabilities are requested on a Windows Phone 7 device when an application developer submits her application for certification. Only the requested capabilities are granted, protecting device users from unexpected behavior of potentially privacy-intruding applications.
Listing 3-19. Defining Property Values by Using the Property Namespace
You re also going to add some feedback on your controller in the form of light- emitting diodes (LEDs) that you can control from the iPhone app. You could go on about how this might provide a source of visual feedback for something. Perhaps you might want to flash a red LED when your opponent s paddle strikes the ball and green when yours hits it. What s really important, though, is that you demonstrate that you can send data not only from the accessory controller, but to it as well. So what s your controller going to look like First, it s probably going to be not much wider than the iPhone itself and will be connected at the bottom 30-pin connector. A rough idea of your controller s beginnings would look something like Figure 4 9.
The first membership sample demonstrates how to create a new user that will be stored in the database using the provider you just established. To use this feature, you will choose the Membership.CreateUser method, which will return a status parameter. The returned parameter will not only give you an indication as to whether the new user was successfully created, but also information on whether the username was not unique or even if the password was not in the correct format.
Figure A-15. Configuring a web flow definition
An extra option appears as the last item in the Actions section: When Battery Power is Critically Low. Here, you can opt to automatically suspend, hibernate, or shut down the notebook when the battery power is nearly gone. The check boxes at the bottom of the Display section could help save battery power considerably. You may check the Reduce Backlight Brightness option, which as it suggests, sets backlight brightness to a lower setting when you run on battery power. As with On AC Power, the Dim Display When Idle option may also be available for battery power.
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