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select /*+ star */ d1.p1, d2.p2, d3.p3, f.small_vc from dim1 dim2 dim3 fact_tab where and and and and and ; d1.v1 d2.v2 d3.v3 f.id1 f.id2 f.id3 = = = = = = 'abc' 'def' 'ghi' d1, d2, d3, f
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This special method of cutting and pasting bypasses the usual clipboard, so you should find that any text you ve copied or cut previously should still be there. The downside is that it doesn t work across all applications within Ubuntu, although it does work with the majority of them.
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ASP .NET AJAX provides a number of extensions to the Date object in JavaScript through its Date class. This gives extensions around locale specifics and easier instantiation of dates from strings.
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Figure 11-5. Form1 after setting properties
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Retrieving Specific Elements Using the GetElementById() Method
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This code has a private variable that is used to store the age, and a public settable one that maps whatever comes into the private variable. The next step is to add the workflow activities. For this application, you are going to implement an IfElse activity driven off a simple rule. If the entered age is over 100, you will go down one activity route; otherwise you will go down another. Drag an IfElse activity onto the design surface. The Designer should look like Figure 9-7.
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"new" "open" "print" "save" "select"
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hold sensitive data after their use, you eliminate the possibility of such data persisting past its need.
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CHAPTER 1: Security Quick-Start
X terminology referring to a GUI desktop.
Tile notifications can alter the contents of any application tile that is pinned to the Quick Launch area of the phone initial screen (also referred to as Start Experience/Start Screen in Microsoft documentation). Tile notifications are used to communicate information visually, by displaying, say, dark clouds with rain to represent a rapidly approaching storm. Generally, an application tile is a visual representation of an application and its contents or functionality. An application tile typically contains an icon and two strings, and tile notifications can change any of these elements, as well as the background of each tile. To change a tile s background image, a tile notification must include a URI that points to the new image, a URI that can be either local or cloud-based. The string at the bottom of an application tile is referred to as the tile title. The string in the middle and slightly to the right is referred to as the tile counter. Figure 17 2 shows the same Windows Phone 7 Start screen as Figure 17 1, but with an update to the PNClient application tile, which has changed the tile s text to MSFT +2 and set the count property to 2 . By continuously updating the tile with new text and images, an application can keep a user informed without the need to launch the application.
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