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I have split the timesheet application into the standard set of layers shown in Figure 2-1. As well as being an uncontroversial way of slicing up an application, these layers correspond well with the suites of Spring classes that are required to build a web application.
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Depending on your simulator, you can probably switch between US English and UK English, or two other language variants. As such, it s good to define at least these languages so you can verify that you are localizing correctly in the simulator. When you are ready to test on the device, load MediaGrabber and start changing languages. Try to keep track of what the Language menu is called in each new language so you can find it again. Navigating the native BlackBerry menus can be tricky for example, the permissions prompt will display in the new language, so you may need to hunt a bit for the Save option. You should see your localized text display in the new languages you have defined. If possible, you will want to send the translated version to a native speaker. They will be able to let you know if any of the text needs to change. They can also quickly identify problems that might not be obvious to you, such as text being truncated or diacritical marks missing.
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Click the Toolbox, and then click the Advanced Functoids tab. Drag the functoid onto the map surface, and create links to the functoid. a. Set the first input parameter, which is a link from a node structure in the input document that defines the scope of the table. If this node repeats in the input document, the number of occurrences of this element in the input document will be used to control the number of times the set of Table Extractor functoids will be invoked at runtime. Set the second input parameter, which is a constant that defines the number of columns for each row in the table. Set the next input parameters, which define the inputs that will be placed in the table. These inputs can come from the input document, the output from other functoids, constant values, and so on.
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Optional arguments must always appear last in the set of arguments accepted by a method. They re usually used as named arguments by callers. The implementation of LabelInfo uses the F# library function defaultArg, which is a useful way to specify simple default values for optional arguments. Its type is as follows: val defaultArg : 'T option -> 'T-> 'T
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Note: The terms client and server strictly refer to the request/response system of communication. Unlike a typical client/server application, no network communication is involved. In this chapter, I use the terms server and handler interchangeably. The Registry class is used by the client to find whether any content handlers are available to service the request and to actually issue the request. Once the Registry receives the Invocation, it checks to see what appropriate content handlers exist to handle it. The Registry then instructs the device AMS to deliver the Invocation. Because the client and the server are separate applications running in different processes, the AMS will first need to create a new Java process if the app is not already running, then serialize the Invocation and copy it into the server app s memory. Figure 8-1 illustrates how this system works at a high level; note that the client and the server do not directly interact with one another, nor do they technically share the same Invocation instance.
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public static void sendTempFile(String filename, HttpServletResponse response) throws IOException public static void sendTempFile(File file, HttpServletResponse response) throws IOException public static void sendTempFile(File file, HttpServletResponse response, String mimeType) throws IOException
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Figure 5-11. Table properties Now that a table has been created in SQL Server Management Studio, let s look at creating a table within the Query pane.
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Portlet Session Utility
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Note that the specified group will need to be created first; it won t be created automatically by the useradd command. In this particular example, the group users is a standard one, and should already be present on your Ubuntu system. Although it s easy to do, creating users and groups at the command line is not advised, because there are a handful of annoying issues. One issue is that the new user is assigned the Bourne (sh) shell environment, rather than BASH, as is the default under Ubuntu. This can be overcome by the user simply typing bash at the command line after he has logged in.
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Memos and Tasks
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Class Name
CHAPTER 14: Web Site Security
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