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Pure mode produces code that uses IL instructions only, not machine instructions, but is not verifiably safe. It may use pointers or other features that result in code that could produce buffer overruns, access violations, and other memory corruption. If you re familiar with C#, pure code is like a C# program compiled with the /unsafe option. There is no equivalent in Visual Basic. If you try to compile a native C++ application with /clr:pure, it will work only if the code being compiled has no constructs that generate machine-specific code. You can, however, link with native libraries. The linker will add the necessary hookups to call into native libraries in /clr:pure mode. For example, the program // message_box.cpp #include <windows.h> int main() { ::MessageBox(0,"message","caption",MB_OK); }
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REVERSED_SEQ_ORD SEQ_ORD ------------------------------ ---------28,7,c2 639 28,8,c2 739 28,9,c2 839 28,a,c2 939 28,c1 39 29,2,c2 140 29,3,c2 240 29,4,c2 340 29,5,c2 440 29,6,c2 540 What has this done to our clustering_factor and execution plan Go back to the table we used in the baseline test (using the default value of one for freelists), and rebuild the index as a reverse key index (script reversed_ind.sql in the online code suite): alter index t1_i1 rebuild reverse; begin dbms_stats.gather_table_stats( user, 't1', cascade => true, estimate_percent => null, method_opt => 'for all columns size 1' ); end; / INDEX_NAME BLEVEL LEAF_BLOCKS CLUSTERING_FACTOR -------------------- ---------- ----------- ----------------T1_I1 1 86 25962 select from where ; count(small_vc) t1 date_ord = trunc(sysdate) + 7
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Figure 6-10. Testing the SELECT statement You are now nished setting up and con guring the connection to the data source by means of the SqlDataSource. Click on the Finish button.
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Every BlackBerry device with software version 4.3.0 or higher will have at least one content handler available. BlackBerry provides a built-in content handler that can open a huge variety of media types. The specific set will vary depending on the device and software version, but it generally can handle more than 50 content types and nearly 100 content suffixes. It includes support for all types of media, pictures, and even HTML documents. To directly reference this built-in handler, you can use the ID defined in BlackBerryContentHandler.ID_MEDIA_CONTENT_HANDLER. By providing this ID with no other parameters, the Invocation will open the native Media application. Starting with device software version 4.7.0, you can also use one of the following arguments to control the initial landing screen when the Invocation is handled. All are defined in BlackBerryContentHandler.
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The PortletDiskFileUpload class also handles the temporary storage of any uploaded files. Files that are smaller than a specified size (default is 10KB) are stored in memory, and larger files are stored on the hard drive in a temporary repository. The setSizeThreshold() method sets the cutoff size for memory storage. The default location for the repository is the value of the Java system property java.io.tmpdir, which is the path to a temporary directory. The setSizeMax() method provides the size past which a file is to be rejected to conserve storage space or to defeat attacks on the server. The parseRequest() method on the PortletDiskFileUpload class throws a FileUploadException if there are any problems uploading the file. Common problems are that an uploaded file exceeded the maximum file size allowed, there is a disk full error, or the request is not a multipart form submission.
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Figure 24-4. Creating a chart is easy within Calc and adds a professional flourish to your
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CHAPTER 2: Directory Services Clients
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Now that you have the phpBB software downloaded to your hard drive, you can upload it to your server. But first, take a moment to set up your database.
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