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To set up the GeoCoordinateDemo project, follow the steps you ve used for previous examples in this book. In order to use the .NET Reactive Extension, you will need to add a reference to Microsoft.Phone.Reactive. You ll also need to reference System.Device in order to use the location service and, most importantly, System.Observable, in order to feed GPS data to the location service. 1. 2. Open Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Express for Windows Phone on your workstation. Create a new Windows Phone Application by selecting File New Project on the Visual Studio command menu. Select the Windows Phone Application template, and name the application GeoCoodinateWatcherDemo. Add a reference to Microsoft.Phone.Reactive in order to use Reactive Extension. Also add a reference to System.Device in order to use the location service. In Solution Explorer, you should be able to see the added reference as shown in Figure 14 1.
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Figure 1-6. A basic XAML canvas in Microsoft Expression Blend
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a little odd when you read the man pages. However, all the tools all extremely flexible and offer functions for every kind of user.
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How It Works
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mouse (bear in mind that the process of pairing quickly times out on the Ubuntu computer, so you need to complete the following steps without hesitation). In the case of a mouse, enter the passkey that you read earlier in the manual for the mouse. As mentioned, this is usually 0000. Once you click OK, the mouse should be paired and should start working. Some keyboards also use a default passkey of 0000, and, if so, you can enter that, and the keyboard should be paired. However, some Bluetooth keyboards might require you to enter a passkey created on the computer. In the Authentication Request dialog box on the Ubuntu PC, type a random four-digit passkey something like 1234 (although for security reasons, you might want to choose something that s slightly less easy to guess). Click OK. On the Bluetooth keyboard, type the same number and hit Enter. Following this, you should find the keyboard is paired with the computer and will work.
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setter: Bind a setter function to a bindable property or chain. Once the ChangeWatcher instance is successfully created, the setter function is invoked with the value or the chain object. host: Represents the source object. chain: Represents the property name.
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The phpBB formatting toolbar offers full control over BBCode directly from the form. To get an explanation for each formatting option in the toolbar, simply hover the mouse over its button, and a description will appear in a line above the text box. Users have the option of disabling BBCode in each of their posts by setting the corresponding option in their profile (as discussed in the Setting User Preferences section later in this chapter), or they can turn BBCode off in an individual post by checking the Disable BBCode in this post check box located at the bottom of the post form. To see the results of their formatting before making a live post, users can select the Preview button in the post form (before choosing the Submit button). When they are satisfied with their formatting, they can submit their post.
You can run the application and supply the path of the Employees.xml file that we created earlier.
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