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Processing Web Forms
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We ll discuss the T-SQL first, then the results. You defined three input parameters:
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To use FOR XML RAW to transform returned rows into XML elements, follow these steps:
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Snow Leopard s built-in firewall (covered in greater detail in 11) is a feature-rich application layer firewall that is capable of logging massive amounts of data. appfwloggerd is a program built specifically for the purpose of logging firewall events to the appfirewall.log file. This file located at /private/var/log/appfirewall.log. appfwloggerd logs only those events that the Application Firewall determines are not acceptable.
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Figure 1-11. FlexUnit Results window FlexUnit 4 is based on metadata tags. See some of the common tags used in the following:
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Just like classic C++, C++/CLI supports passing parameters by value and by reference. Let s review how this works in classic C++, as in Listing 4-19. Passing a parameter by value means that the function gets a copy of the value, so any operations don t affect the original object. Passing a parameter by reference means that the object is not copied; instead, the function gets the original object, which may consequently be modified. In C++, parameters passed with a reference (&) to an object are passed by reference. That is to say, the object is not copied, and any changes made to the object in the function are reflected in the object after the function returns. Listing 4-19. Passing by Value and by Reference in Classic C++ // parameter_passing.cpp void byvalue(int i) { i += 1; } void byref(int& i) { i += 1; } int main() { int j = 10; System::Console::WriteLine("Original value: " + j); byvalue(j); System::Console::WriteLine("After byvalue: " + j); byref(j); System::Console::WriteLine("After byref: " + j); } The output of Listing 4-19 is
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Purging Old Backup Files
You ll find the ObjRef shown in Figure 11-5 at obj1/_TransparentProxy/_rp/_identity/_objRef.
the machine to permit a user to login to the computer even when the machine cannot contact the Open Directory server. Creating mobile accounts is an absolute must on laptops that will routinely leave the company campus and thereby lose access to company internal servers. In fact, in many wired-desktop environments, it may be desirable to force mobile accounts for users. This creates a more robust desktop setup that will more gracefully deal with any Open Directory outages. There are not many benefits management-wise to not create a mobile account for any user who will utilize a local home directory.
Figure 7-33. SQL Server Agent job scheduling 13. Now that we have all the tasks, we can either have this whole plan run manually when we demand it to or, by clicking the Change button as shown in Figure 7-34, we can set up a schedule for it to run at specific times. Click Change, which brings up the screen that deals with job scheduling, as shown in Figure 7-34.
@Secured({"ROLE_ADMINISTRATOR"}) void deleteUser(UserAccount account); @Secured({"ROLE_ADMINISTRATOR"}) void updateUser(UserAccount account); @Secured({"ROLE_ADMINISTRATOR","ROLE_USER"}) List<UserAccount> listUsers(); } Listing 7-23 shows the advice configuration needed to support the use of the @Secured annotation used in Listing 7-22.
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It's now time to inspect the code entered into Query Analyzer that will create the ApressFinancial database. Commencing with CREATE DATABASE, you are informing SQL Server that the following statements are all parameters to be considered for building a new database within SQL Server. Some of the parameters are optional, and SQL Server will include default values when these parameters are not entered. But how does SQL Server know what values to supply Recall that at the start of this chapter we discussed the built-in SQL Server databases, specifically the model database. SQL Server takes the default options for parameters from this database unless they are otherwise specified. Thus, it is important to consider carefully any modifications to the model database. The database name is obviously essential, and in this case, ApressFinancial is the chosen name. The ON parameter provides SQL Server with specifics about the data files to be created, rather than taking the defaults. Admittedly in this instance, there is no need to specify these details, as by taking the defaults, SQL Server would supply the parameters as listed anyway. This can also be said for the next set of parameters, which deal with the Transaction Log found with LOG ON. In this instance, there is no need to supply these parameters, as again the listed amounts are the SQL Server defaults. Finally, the collation sequence we specify is actually the default for the server. Taking all this on board, the command could actually be entered as follows, which would then take all the default settings from SQL Server to build the database: CREATE DATABASE ApressFinancial We can then set the database options as outlined during the discussion of the script earlier in the chapter. Similarly, if we want to delete the database using T-SQL code, it s a simple case of ensuring that we are not connected within that particular query pane to ApressFinancial via the USE command. Then we use the command DROP followed by the object we want to drop, or delete, and then the name of the object. USE Master GO DROP DATABASE ApressFinancial
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