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Implementing Level 1
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the index is a time and resource-consuming task that should not be undertaken during peak hours of activity, nor performed often.
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As stated in 1, the managed type system is unified. Every managed type directly or indirectly inherits explicitly or implicitly from a single type called Object. This includes all reference types and the boxed form of all value types, and even the built-in primitive types, considering the aliases for those types such as Int32, Char, Double, etc. In 2, you saw how the array type is an object type, complete with properties, such as Length, and methods. These methods are part of the System::Array class. In fact, there are also methods defined on the Object class that every managed type has. Listing 4-1 is what the declaration of the Object type would look like, showing the available public methods (there are some protected methods as well, not shown here). Listing 4-1. The Object Type ref class Object { public: virtual Type^ GetType(); virtual String^ ToString(); virtual bool Equals(Object^); static bool Equals(Object^, Object^); static bool ReferenceEquals(Object^); virtual int GetHashCode(); }; The unified type system enables us to create functions that can operate on objects of any type, simply by taking a handle to Object as a parameter. The function can then figure out the type of the object and do something appropriate for that object. Or, in the case of a collection class, a single collection type with object handles as its elements could be used for objects of any type, although you ll see in 11 that a generic collection would be better. A very simple example of a function that might be useful is one that displays the type of an object
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Historically it has been difficult to reverse-engineer the binaries of an application to a form that can be easily understood. With languages such as Java, C#, and others, reverse-engineering has become easy. These languages are compiled to an intermediate form (Java goes to bytecode and C#, and all supported .NET languages go to MSIL), which makes them easy to decompile. More and more, organizations are looking for approaches to prevent the decompilation of their software. Preventing someone from reverse-engineering binaries (whether bytecode, MSIL, or even native machine code1 ) is nearly impossible. Because of this, organizations interested in protecting themselves against decompilation use obfuscation. Obfuscation takes the intermediate form and changes it, such that when decompiled, it becomes difficult to understand. So, what does this have to do with ClickOnce and the MAGE tool Well, if you have to obfuscate your software, you ll have to either create the ClickOnce manifest manually or edit the Visual Studio generated manifest files. The reason for this is that obfuscation is applied to the assemblies. After you compile your application, you obfuscate and then publish. Visual Studio 2005 doesn t support plugging in obfuscation to this process. As a result, after you obfuscate your assemblies, you have to re-sign manifest files created by Visual Studio. The MAGE tool can help with this.
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Within IIS Manager, you will see the default web site, as in Figure 6-1. This web site is the entire site that manages a number of web applications. You can create and manage sites from here.
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Working from the Command Line
Try It Out: ISNULL()
Allowed Values
Figure 13-9. Copy Web Site tool destination In the column on the left, you can see the four different choices of how to make the connection. The File System will browse through the different directories located on the local computer. The Local IIS (Internet Information Server) will browse throughout the IIS default directory. The FTP Site option will allow you to specify an FTP URL along with the ability to supply a username and password to connect. Last, the Remote Site option will need a URL to connect. Select one of the options and click Open. If you connect to the chosen option successfully, you will be returned to the Copy Web Site tool main window. At this point, you can use the tool to copy the files to or from the client or server. Additionally, the files can be synchronized by using the synchronization option. All of these actions can be performed by either right-clicking the files in either section of the window or selecting the Command buttons located in the center of the window.
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