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Values that may have subtypes carry a runtime type, and you can use runtime-type tests to query the type of an object and convert it to one of the subtypes. You can do this in three main ways: the unbox
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Figure 5-2. Copying the project from 4 In the Solution Explorer, right-click the 05 solution and choose Add h Existing Project, as shown in Figure 5-3.
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NetworkManager lets users easily manage both wireless (also known as Wi-Fi) and wired connections, such as Ethernet connections. It sits in the notification area at the top right of the desktop (look for the icon of two screens inset against each other) and automatically detects any wireless networks that are in range, as well as if you re currently plugged into a wired network. Clicking the NetworkManager icon will show a list of networks that have been detected. By selecting the entry in the list, you can then connect to the network, and you ll be prompted to configure WEP/WPA protection, if applicable.
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UInt16 UInt32 UInt64 Void
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More important than the cosmetic details, though, is the fundamental problem of bad luck that this example highlights. Look back at the list of (endpoint_number, endpoint_value). You will notice that some rows are clearly missing there is no row with the endpoint_number set to 74, for example. This is why we get a report (10g version) of 75 uncompressed buckets, but only 59 endpoint values. Some of the buckets are implied and not stored in the database. We ought to see a row with the values (74, 80) but Oracle can infer that row. Expanding the previous output to show all the buckets, stored and inferred, we should see the following: ENDPOINT_NUMBER ENDPOINT_VALUE --------------- -------------... 59 71 60 72 61 73 62 73 63 74 64 74 65 75 66 76 67 76 68 77 69 77 70 78 71 78 72 79 73 79 74 80 75 80
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The basic implementation of the UserAccount bean is shown in Listing 4-1.
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MouseMove: This fires when the mouse is moved within the bounds of the control.
PHP proxy
public void testSimpleMailDao() throws MessagingException,IOException { final SimpleMailDaoImpl impl = new SimpleMailDaoImpl(); impl.setFromAddress(FROM); impl.setRcptAddress(TO); impl.setSubject(SUBJECT); impl.setMailSender(mailSender); impl.sendTimesheetUpdate(timesheet); assertEquals(1,mailSender.getMessageCount()); final List<SimpleMailMessage> received = mailSender.getSimpleMessages(); assertEquals(1,received.size()); final SimpleMailMessage message = received.get(0); assertEquals(1,message.getTo().length); assertEquals(TO,message.getTo()[0]); assertEquals(FROM,message.getFrom()); assertEquals(SUBJECT,message.getSubject()); assertEquals("A timesheet has been updated by user: username", message.getText()); } The first part of the test implementation creates and populates the SimpleMailDaoImpl implementation to be tested. The second part calls the sendTimesheetUpdate method, the behavior to be tested. The third part retrieves the sent message from the mock mail sender, and checks to see whether it contains the correct information. Our assumption is that the real MailSender implementation (provided as a part of the Spring framework) is reliable and trustworthy, so that if the message is correct when it is passed to the mail sender, the message will be transmitted correctly. To be sure, thirdparty implementations are sometimes incorrect but if we have doubts, we can add tests of the third-party implementations to verify their behavior. Listing 10-21 shows the test corresponding to the VelocityMailDaoImpl implementation of the EmailDao interface.
<Grid x:Name="LayoutRoot" Background="White" > <StackPanel HorizontalAlignment="Left" VerticalAlignment="Top"> <TextBox Text="TextBox" TextWrapping="Wrap" Style="{StaticResource TextBoxStyle}"/> <TextBox Text="TextBox" TextWrapping="Wrap" Style="{StaticResource TextBoxStyle}"/> <Button Content="Button" Style="{StaticResource ButtonStyle}"/> <Button Content="Button" Style="{StaticResource ButtonStyle}"/> </StackPanel> </Grid> 11. Run the application. The form now appears as shown in Figure 12-18.
This indicates whether or not an accessory is connected to the iPhone. The unique identification of the accessory to the device. This object is what will receive the notifications about the accessory such as when it s connected. The version of the firmware that controls the accessory. The version of the accessory. The name of the company that manufactured the accessory. The model number of the connected accessory. The, usually decorative, name of the device attached to the iPhone. An array of protocol names used by the accessory. A number that uniquely identifies the specific unit. May or may not be available depending on manufacturer
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