Figure 11-31. Returning a number of characters starting from the right in

Paint Data Matrix in Figure 11-31. Returning a number of characters starting from the right

Figure 2-12. Environment area, Fonts and Colors options
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Removing a Flash Plug-in
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Report Item
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Figure 11-8. Working with our first variable
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ReceiveNewHireRequest ReceiveRequest InitializeRoleLinks
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As with the client channel, I show you how the server channel will be used before diving into the code. Basically, it looks exactly like the SMTPClientChannel does. <channel name="smtpserver" type="SmtpChannel.SMTPServerChannel, SmtpChannel"
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Figure 8-13. Using the Registry Editor to create a new registry entry Clicking the Registry Editor button opens a UI, the Registry Editor, that you can use to create registry entries. Under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE Software, create a new key, and name it ACoolSample. Select ACoolSample, create a string, and give the key/value shown in Figure 8-13. Now build the project by choosing Build Rebuild All. With that, you now have an MSI under your build configuration folder. For example, if your build is in Debug mode, you should have an MSI (CreateRegKeySetup.msi) under the Debug folder. To make sure your MSI creates the required registry key, right-click the project in the Solution Explorer, and choose Install (see Figure 8-14).
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Figure 3-17. The WrapPanel control orientations
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Where do you want to invoke your checkPermissions() method This is a tough call. The best place to locate it is within your constructor: because MediaGrabber checks for CHAPI registration right away, and CHAPI is guarded by an application permission, it would be nice to check that you have permissions before doing anything else. However, because MediaGrabber is an auto-start application, it will start running automatically on boot-up, as well as whenever it receives CHAPI requests. Users may get confused or annoyed if they see permissions windows popping up, seemingly without any cause. As a compromise, I have decided to call the method after the user directly launches MediaGrabber from the icon, as shown in the following code. At this point, the user knows what app is running and is more likely to grant permissions. In practice, most users will run the app directly shortly after installing it. And, once we get the permissions we want, they will still be set the way we want even after the device reboots.
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First sink in chain [IMessageSink]
Because ASP .NET is a true object-oriented development API, the page itself is an object that is accessible to the developer, as are the controls on the page (which are members of
Figure 12-2. Onepass hash join In this diagram, we see more of the components that are actually involved when Oracle performs a hash join. These are also present in the optimal hash join, but I chose to ignore them in my original diagram so that I could keep the picture as simple as possible. The most important omission from Figure 12-1 was the (small amount of) memory reserved for a bitmap representing the hash table at the rate of 1 bit per bucket in the hash table. When a build row hashes to a particular bucket, the corresponding bit is set. The rest of the hash_area_size is broken up into chunks (known as clusters or slots) of a size dictated by the parameter _hash_multiblock_io_count (obsolete as of 10g). This parameter always seemed to take the value 9 in earlier versions of Oracle, but is now much more dynamic, and the value is set individually for each query as it is optimized.
A portlet is required to provide a public default constructor that is to say, a constructor taking no parameters. Loading and instantiation (invoking the constructor) can take place either when the container starts the portlet application or when the container determines that the portlet is needed to service a request.
Next, add an event handler for the Delete button. When the Delete button is clicked, we remove the selected key from the isolated storage settings and rebind the list box. private void btnDelete_Click(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e) { if (lstKeys.SelectedIndex > -1) { _appSettings.Remove(lstKeys.SelectedItem.ToString()); _appSettings.Save(); BindKeyList(); } }
Ubuntu provides many more applets that you can choose to add to the desktop to provide a host of useful or entertaining functionality. To add an applet, right-click a blank spot on a panel and select Add to Panel. As shown in Figure 10-16, you have a wide choice of applets. Some require configuration when they re added, so you may need to right-click them and select Properties. For example, you ll need to set your location in the Weather Report applet s properties so it can provide accurate forecasting. For more details about each applet, and whether it needs additional configuration, see Table 10-1. To remove an applet, simply right-click it and select Remove from Panel.
Setting a Default Theme
You can download the complete example from See 1, example: FlexUnitWithTDDExample.
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