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The files in the subdirectory for this chapter are shown in Table 14-3. Table 14-3. 14 Test Cases
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Figure 10-20. Attempting to delete a parent row with children
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Figure 3-18. Client output when using asynchronous calls The server output in Figure 3-19 shows that both methods have been entered on the server at the same time without blocking the client.
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Draw on top of the device lock screen Send and read email Simulate user events
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The Age of Linux
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You need to create a solution that will track your company s business processes, compile the data into key performance indicators (KPIs), and develop a portal to display the information to executives. You
WE ARE READY TO START developing our first portlet applications. This chapter contains a quick primer on portlet development, packaging, and deployment descriptors. The open source Apache Pluto portal supports the portlet API, and you will learn how to deploy and run portlets on Pluto. We also cover the programming concepts we use in these first simple portlets, to get you up to speed on developing solutions with portals. If you are familiar with servlet development, the details of portlet development will be pretty easy. The authors of the portlet specification purposely made portlets similar to servlets so that developers would not have to stretch too far to learn the new API. The hard part of portlet development is design and architecture for the portal and its portlets instead of working on one Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) application, multiple applications need to be integrated into a portal. For developers who are not familiar with JavaServer Pages (JSP), we recommend Beginning JSP 2: From Novice to Professional (Apress, May 2004). We use JSP and JSP tags for our portlet applications, so some experience with those is useful. If you have not used the servlet API, you do not need to know it to do portlet development, or to understand our examples. The portlets in this chapter will be portable to any JSR 168 compliant portal server. Portlet deployment is going to vary based on your portal vendor s provided tools some may pick up portlet applications from a directory, others may need a command-line tool, and some may use a web-based GUI to allow remote deployment and administration. In any case, the concepts used for development are the same. We are going to use the terms portlet, portlet application, portlet container, and portal in this chapter. Portlets are individual classes that process requests from a user and return content for display inside a portal. Portlet applications are standard J2EE web applications that include portlet classes and the portlet.xml portlet deployment descriptor. The portlet container is part of a portal, and it instantiates and executes the portlet classes. Portals aggregate the output of one or more portals into a portal page, which is served to a user. When the user selects a link or submits a form on the portal page, the portal processes the request and then sends requests to all of the portlets on the page. We explain more about portlet request handling in this chapter, so don t worry if this seems a little confusing now.
which specifies Windows Authentication, so any user logged onto Windows can access the SQLEXPRESS instance.
Sounds can be used in both applications and games. In the first demo, you played video, but you can also use MediaElement to play music files or use it in a game to create sound effects. In the next demo, you will learn to apply a sound effect to an animated object in this case, a flying robot. Such sound effects are essential to games. Figure 15 4 shows the UI of the demo application. When you press the Play button, the robot flies diagonally toward the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. When it
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