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I have explained how tight coupling causes problems when we want to move our application logic from one environment to another, but there is a special case of this issue that makes IOC s advantages dramatically apparent. This is the problem of unit testing. Writing unit tests is an art in itself. The well-written test concentrates on a single component of the system and tests all of its behavior as thoroughly as possible. However, when a class is tightly coupled to other parts of the application, testing that class in isolation becomes impossible. By encouraging loose coupling, it becomes easier to eliminate irrelevant classes from the test, often by providing mock objects in place of heavyweight implementations. I discuss unit and integration testing in more detail in 10.
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Integrating the Lucene Search Engine
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Take a look at some of the code that gets generated to create the binding. This is the _DataBindingUnderTheHoodWatcherSetupUtil class.
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script interface. DeployStudio presents all of this functionality via a simple, easy-tounderstand graphical interface which is constantly being improved. Best of all, it s free. So why didn t we lead off with this tool Because whether you use the graphical tool or the command line, it s vital you understand both as they all use the same basic set of technologies for all the tools we cover. You can also use DeployStudio to roll out Windows for Apple Boot Camp environments using winclone. This isn t to say that it s going to sysprep the OS, but it will format the drive appropriately and lay the OS down on it which itself may then contain a sysprep file ready for the mouse trap to spring. Further automation is up to you (see 9). To get started with DeployStudio, download the latest stable installer at http:// www.deploystudio.com, extract the installation files, and start the actual install. In the Welcome to the DeployStudio Server Installer screen, click Continue, then click Continue again at the Important Information page, reading each along the way. Next, read the Software License Agreement, clicking on Continue if you re okay with having no major strings on your free software. Then click on the Agree button. Now you ll see the Standard Install portion. Select where on your hard drive you want to install DeployStudio (by default it s placed in the /Applications/Utilities directory). You can also select the applications you want to install. Note that the setup program will install DeployStudio s Admin, Server, Runtime, and Assistant components as well as a tool called Startup Disk, which provides access to the Startup Disk control panel. Available options include:
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Similarly, please make sure to type the following Arabic-enabled expression for the account group: =Switch(Fields!AccountGroup.Value = "1", " ", Fields!AccountGroup.Value = "2" , " ", Fields!AccountGroup.Value = "3", " ", Fields!AccountGroup.Value = "4" , " ", Fields!AccountGroup.Value = "5", " ") After mapping the data, make sure to apply all the properties settings in Table 5-18 to table1. Table 5-18. Table Item Properties for the Body Section
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Configuring Mail with ServerAdmin
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Viewing Permissions
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Now that you ve downloaded and examined the upgrade package s contents, it s time to expand the appropriate files and upload them to your server.
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This uses the Directory option in Apache to limit access but still does not offer protection against following symbolic links located in directories that point to files within the directory structure. To do this, you would use what is known as an options directive to further limit access to files within the directory structure. Options directives are specified with a + sign or a minus ( ) sign in front of the option to enable and disable access, respectively. FollowSymLinks is the option directive to control the ability to follow symbolic links. Use the following syntax to implement it:
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The T-SQL command, BEGIN TRAN, denotes the start of the transaction processing. From this point on, until the transaction is ended with either COMMIT TRAN or ROLLBACK TRAN, any data modification statements will form part of the transaction. It is also possible to suffix the BEGIN TRAN command with a name of up to 32 characters in length. If you name your transaction, it is not necessary to use the name when issuing a ROLLBACK TRAN or a COMMIT TRAN command. The name is there for clarity of the code only.
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The report data sources can come from SQL Server, Analysis Services, Excel, Access, Oracle, flat files or any OLE DB, and ODBC data sources. Using data processing extensions, you can add new sources of data.
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