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Select the Enable Spam Filter Rating option. This will enable spam checking on incoming messages. Once a message has been scanned, it will be assigned a score. This is a rating based on the likelihood that the message is spam. Rules offer Kerio administrators a way to provide more granular controls over filters. By using rules, it is possible to override the score assigned to messages with a score that will always flag those messages as spam. When creating custom rules, click the Custom Rules tab of the spam filter in Kerio. When you click Add, you will receive a screen similar to the one shown in Figure 5-31. The Description field of the rule allows administrators to keep track of what the rule is doing. The description has nothing to do with how the rule is processed.
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Figure 1-10. SSMSE progress
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Figure 13-1. Dataset architecture The architecture mirrors the logical design of a relational database. You ll see how to use data tables, data rows, and data columns in this chapter.
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Note Although usually Expression Blend will be used together with Visual Studio, Expression Blend will actually pick up on changes to open files caused by edits in any editor.
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Multipart multipart = new Multipart(); TextBodyPart text = new TextBodyPart(multipart, "The job is done."); SupportedAttachmentPart image = new SupportedAttachmentPart(multipart, "image/jpeg", "plans.jpg", imageData); byte[] secretKey = new byte[]{17, 33, 0, 127};
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CHAPTER 1: Getting Started
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Member and Type
The most important factor in application signing is to establish authorship. Every set of code signing keys is unique, and every code signing request verifies that you are the person who originally ordered the keys. Unlike some other certificate-style operations, RIM doesn t actually perform a background check or physically verify your identity. Still, it does recognize you as an individual entity, and, because your apps are signed with your keys, it knows who wrote a given app.
How It Works
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