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Figure 3-20. Binding with Quest
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Note The SetupInstance() method is still needed. When a lead is completed, the instance is loaded from the instance store and resumed, just like the LeadGenerator application. So both methods must be supported.
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How It Works
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tools give an error if they re encountered. Most F# editors convert uses of the Tab key to spaces automatically.
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SoapSuds also allows the generation of nonwrapped proxy metadata as well. In this case, it will only generate empty class definitions, which can then be used by the underlying .NET Remoting TransparentProxy to generate the true method calls no matter which channel you are using. This approach also gives you the advantage of being able to use configuration files for channels, objects, and the corresponding URLs (more on this in the next chapter) so that you don t have to hard code this information. In the following example, you can use the same server as in the previous one, only changing the SoapSuds command and implementing the client in a different way. Generating the Metadata with SoapSuds As you want to generate a metadata-only assembly, you have to pass the -nowp parameter to SoapSuds to keep it from generating a wrapped proxy (see Figure 3-34).
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Figure 2-22. A conditional expression formatting example that changes values less than zero
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There s also the fact that Linux encourages you to take control of your computer, as opposed to treating it like a magical box. As soon as you install Linux, you become a power user. Every aspect of your PC is under your control, unlike with Windows. This means fixing problems is a lot easier, and optimizing your system becomes part and parcel of the user experience.
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Figure 6-8. NetInstall Image Settings
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> open System;; > let f = Console.WriteLine;; C:\misc\test.ml(11,8): error: FS0041: The method WriteLine is overloaded. Possible matches are shown below. Resolve the overloading by adding further type annotations to the arguments. Possible overload: 'Console.WriteLine(bool value) : unit'. Possible overload: 'Console.WriteLine(char value) : unit'. ... However, the following succeeds: > let f = (Console.WriteLine : string -> unit);; val f : string -> unit
Querying In-Memory Data Structures
The Pushbutton to Serve
A number of organizations currently use monolithic images. Moving to a package-based solution may seem like a time-consuming and complicated task, but you can take small steps towards accomplishing it. Composer 7 gives you one of the quickest and easiest ways to get to a package-based imaging solution. And the product has a great new feature that will scan your hard drive for installed packages, letting you create one package per installed software product. This allows you to, for example, take a monolithic image, generate a package for individual pieces of software installed on the image, then create a package for each. You can download Composer 7 from http://www.jamfsoftware.com.
Observe that the event log in Figure 15-6 shows that both the first StateChange and the second StateChange event handlers were invoked when the connection was opened, but only the first handler was invoked when the connection was closed.
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