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CHAPTER 15: Remote Connectivity
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Suppose you build a Windows application that uses a couple of text boxes to bind to the same data source, each control bound to a different column in a table. Realistically, the data source will probably have more than one row. In the first example, of simple data binding, you bound a couple text boxes to a data source and displayed only one row. To navigate back and forth through the available rows, your controls need to be synchronized so that they display the correct data from the same row because they re bound to two different columns. The System.Windows.Forms namespace includes an abstract class for this purpose. A binding manager is an instance of a class that derives from the abstract BindingManagerBase class. The binding manager enables greater control over the data being displayed by controls bound to the same data source by maintaining the current position (the row pointer) in the data source. The binding manager supervises and keeps track of the ordinal position of the current row and fires events to notify the application if the position has changed. The two fundamental properties of a binding manager are Position and Current. Position is a zero-based integer value that describes an ordinal position of the rows being read in the data source. With the Position property, you can programmatically advance the row pointer to move to the next row, and vice versa. The Current property returns the data object at the current position in the data source. The two concrete binding managers are CurrencyManager and PropertyManager. CurrencyManager is specifically designed for data sources that implement IList (or interfaces based on it). PropertyManager is designed for a data source that s neither a list nor a collection, but is a single property of another object or is a single value. You can use it only for maintaining the Current property of the object. Trying to use the Position property will have no effect, because the data source isn t a list but a single value. You can t create an instance of BindingManagerBase class directly because it s an abstract base class, but you can obtain instances of its derived classes by calling the BindingContext property of a Windows form, which returns an instance of an appropriate binding manager type, depending on the type of data source being used. Every Windows form groups all bindings defined by its child controls into a collection called BindingContext. This collection returns an appropriate binding manager for the specified data source and data member. Let s now look at a simple example that illustrates how to use a binding manager. The application will extend our use of a couple of our two simply bound TextBox controls by adding two buttons to navigate through the table.
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Things work like in a Visual Basic Try statement. In fact, unlike in sp_Trans_Test, if you try to add a duplicate customer the DELETE is never executed, since the TRY block is exited as soon as the INSERT fails. Without further changes, the instrumentation will give deceptive results in this case, but we won t pursue that further since it s not part of transaction coding per se. Now that you ve seen how transactions work, you re ready to shift from T-SQL to Visual Basic!
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When you click Next, you ll be taken to the Define Parameters step (see Figure 12-14). Here you can set up default parameter values that will be used in your SQL query. Select QueryString as the parameter source, and the wizard will set up the code required to read the parameter from the URI that you use to call the service. Give the query string field a name (i.e., ZIP) and a default value. Now if you call your service using a URI like http:// server/pagename.aspx ZIP=12345, the @PostalCode parameter will be loaded with 12345 prior to calling the database.
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importing content via OPML or DocBook XML.
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Prelinking claims to boost program startup times by up to 50% or more, but the problem is that it s a hack a programming trick designed to make your system work in a nonstandard way. Because of this, some programs are incompatible with prelinking. In fact, some might simply refuse to work unless prelinking is deactivated. At the time of this writing, such programs are in the minority. However, keep in mind that prelinking can be easily reversed if necessary. Alternatively, you might want to weigh whether it s actually worth setting up prelinking in the first place.
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Figure 9-18. The form for creating a new group This form is straightforward, for the most part. Give the new group a name and describe it. The group moderator is someone who you wish to manage the day-to-day operations of the group. If you are creating a group of people who will have permissions to moderate the board, you will probably want to make yourself or another highly trusted member the group moderator, as this person is empowered to add and remove group members. If you are creating a largely social group who will have limited power on the board, you can give the group moderator title
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Figure 2-23. Opening VBE options
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Once you attempt to kill the process, it should terminate. If you continue to see the process running, then you can run kill more forcefully by sending different signals to the processes. For more information on those, see the man page for kill. In addition to kill, you can also use killall. The killall command will terminate processes based on the name of the process. This can be a fairly dangerous step, considering that many processes can have multiple instances of the process running. The killall command works similarly to kill; simply place the killall command in the line followed by the string that you would like to match. To continue on with the Safari example, you could use Killall safari.
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Figure 9-19. An MSBuild-generated ClickOnce deployment
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Table Name
Create a rolling ToDo that provides a random challenge for the user. For example, Take 10 pictures in the next 5 days. Update their progress in the task, and provide a new one once it is complete. While it s easy to go overboard, it s also a great way to learn things. You can always remove features later if they seem cumbersome or aren t popular and who knows, you may stumble across a really interesting combination.
How It Works
CHAPTER 1: Security Quick-Start
Figure 12-22. Stack trace output, view 3
Caution Watch out for any mention of x86_64 in the description of the driver file. This indicates the entry
As I mentioned earlier in the chapter, Silverlight styles are hierarchical. When a control has a style set, Silverlight will first look for the style at the local level, within the document s <UserControl.Resources>. If the style is found, Silverlight will look no further. If the style is not found locally, it will look at the application level. If the style is not found there, an XamlParseException will be thrown. In addition to locally defined styles overriding application-level styles, any properties that are defined inline in the control element itself will override properties within the style. For example, consider the following XAML: <UserControl.Resources> <Style x:Key="TextBoxStyle" TargetType="TextBox"> <Setter Property="FontSize" Value="22"/> <Setter Property="FontFamily" Value="Trebuchet MS"/> <Setter Property="Foreground" Value="#FFFF0000"/> <Setter Property="Margin" Value="5"/> <Setter Property="Width" Value="400"/> </Style> <Style x:Key="ButtonStyle" TargetType="Button"> <Setter Property="FontSize" Value="20"/> <Setter Property="FontFamily" Value="Trebuchet MS"/> <Setter Property="FontWeight" Value="Bold"/> <Setter Property="Width" Value="200"/> <Setter Property="Foreground" Value="#FF0000FF"/> <Setter Property="Margin" Value="5 "/> </Style> </UserControl.Resources> <Grid x:Name="LayoutRoot" Background="White" > <StackPanel HorizontalAlignment="Left" VerticalAlignment="Top"> <TextBox Text="TextBox" TextWrapping="Wrap" Style="{StaticResource TextBoxStyle}" FontSize="10"/> <TextBox Text="TextBox" TextWrapping="Wrap" Style="{StaticResource TextBoxStyle}"/> <Button Content="Button" Style="{StaticResource ButtonStyle}"/> <Button Content="Button" Style="{StaticResource ButtonStyle}"/> </StackPanel> </Grid> Both TextBox controls are set to the TextBoxStyle style; however, the first TextBox has an inline property defined for FontSize. Therefore, when you run the XAML, it will appear as shown in Figure 12-22.
<s:HTTPService id="service"
The Security tab lets you alter login settings that might present a security risk to your system. The following options are available: Enable automatic login: This check box lets you do away with the login screen completely when Ubuntu starts up and go straight to the desktop. Simply put a check in the box, and provide the login username. This presents obvious security issues, but if you re the only person using the computer and if it s located in a secure location, you might want to choose this option. Enable timed login: This option lets you select a user who will be logged in by default after a given period. This is useful if you want to present the opportunity to log in as a different user but also want to have the failsafe of logging in automatically, too.
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