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Next, we define the new database s compatibility level. This statement defines that the database s base level is SQL Server 2005. It is possible to define SQL Server to an earlier level, as far back as SQL Server version 6.0, by changing the version number in the parameter @new_cmptlevel. You ll learn more about this code in 10. EXEC dbo.sp_dbcmptlevel @dbname=N'ApressFinancial', @new_cmptlevel=90 GO
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At this point, you will be prompted for the password of the account you are currently logged into. You can stop the process of encrypting the user s home folder and just enable a master password by clicking Cancel, or you can encrypt the user s home folder by entering the password for the user and clicking OK. Keep in mind that the amount of time the encryption takes depends on how large the home folder is. It can take a while, so be patient. Interrupting the process can cause corruption or cause you to have to start the process again. If you want to change FileVault settings later, you can do so by returning to the Security preference pane. You can change the master FileVault password or turn off FileVault completely (if the home folder is large, be prepared to wait a while for it to decrypt). NOTE: FileVault only encrypts the user s home directory. If you have sensitive information outside of the home directory and would like to encrypt the whole disk, there are third-party software packages made by PGP and Check Point that will encrypt the whole disk. Keep in mind that Full Disk Encryption (FDE) will occupy a significantly larger amount of hard disk space than the additional hard drive space required for encrypting with FileVault.
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The Preferences section of the Edit Profile form, shown in Figure 9-8, allows users some control over how phpBB behaves. I ll provide a brief description of each of the preferences and suggest the best practices with them.
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Figure 4-24. The GridView Tasks pane
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if ( [ "$USER" ="janedoe" ] || [ "$USER" ="jsmith" ] ); then
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[Bindable] private var accountCollection:ArrayCollection = new ArrayCollection(); protected function login():void { var loginRequest:LoginRequest = new LoginRequest(); loginRequest.server_url = parameters.server_url; loginRequest.session_id = parameters.session_id;
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Figure 6-12. HUD menu to convert the horizontal scrollbar part
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An action that will either manipulate or retrieve data from objects within SQL Server or any other database that supports SQL, for example, Oracle or Sybase.
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Figure 5 23. Variable Properties window code 39 dll
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How It Works
1. Select the cell in which you want the result of the formula to appear. 2. Start the Function Wizard by clicking the button on the Formula bar. In the left-hand
EventData type
By creating a batch file, you can save a great deal of time when deploying the application. Throughout the development phase, there will most certainly be several times when you have to deploy the application to the target location. If you take the time to create a batch file, deploying the application will be faster, especially for applications that have many files and directories.
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