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Each PIMList subinterface includes a factory method for creating a new, blank item within that list. For a new contact you would use ContactList.createContact(), as shown here.
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Connecting to .NET Remoting
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While discussing DataSet and DataAdapter, we developed an application that allowed us to perform inserts, updates, and deletes on a DataSet and then save those changes back to the database (see Figure 7-6). In that application, we frequently used collections such as Tables and Rows. We also needed to remember column names while accessing their values from a DataRow. Don t you think it is a bit tedious to access data in this fashion To make things clearer, have a look at Listings 7-17 and 7-18.
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using System.ServiceModel.Web; 4. Add the following code to the IRegistrationService.cs file:
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In this chapter, you ll build a solution similar to the one from 8, except that you ll replace the console application with a Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) application. In the projects you ve built so far, the host simply invoked the workflow and displayed the results upon completion. With this project you ll need a lot more communication between the workflow and the host application. Fortunately, WF 4.0 provides the features you ll need to accomplish this.
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by Brent Ozar
Note The Copy Mode drop-down list offers the Create New, Append, and Overwrite options. In this recipe, we
4. Beside the automatic document feeder option is the XSane mode drop-down list.
In this section, we will deploy the report to the local report server and use Report Manager to view the report. 1. In the Solution Explorer, right-click Advanced Report solution, and select Properties. 2. In the TargetServerURL textbox, type http://localhost/ReportServer and click OK.
Since you want to store customer data in a dataset rather leave it in a typed table, you added
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