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WordPress includes the usual support for blogging, with comments, TrackBacks, and Pingbacks. Here is a summary of its main features: It supports multiple authors and registered visitors with the privilege to comment. You can configure different administration rights for each author. It supports a draft mode for your posts, so you can work on them until you are ready to publish. It supports protected posts, where a reader must supply a password to read the post. It supports private posts, visible only to you. It supports automatic Pingbacks, where all the links in an article can be pinged when the article is published. As well as categories for your posts, it also supports nested categories and multiple categories per post. It supports XML feeds in all the current formats. WordPress supports RSS, RDF, and Atom feeds. It also supports feeds by subject and by author, as well as feeds on comments. It has an integrated link manager, which supports categories, images, descriptions, notes, and XFN (XHTML Friends Network, http://gmpg.org/xfn/), as well as a built-in blogroll manager. It supports RSS enclosures for podcasting. WordPress supports podcasting in a simple, intuitive way. It generates standards-compliant XHTML and CSS, and uses nice-looking, search engine-friendly permalinks. WordPress supports typographic filters for proper formatting and styling of text. You don t need to learn HTML to enrich your postings.
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To install LINQ: 1. Run LINQ Preview (May 2006).msi, which starts the LINQ installation process. When the Welcome window appears (see Figure 18-1), click Next.
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In this section, we will change the design by adding a new column, and we will add some interactivity to our report using a parameter. 1. Click the Layout tab to display the Layout view. 2. Double-click the first column of the first row in the table that displays the text Customer First Name. Delete the word Customer. 3. Repeat the step for the second column.
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By now you have met with almost everyone possible, except for your actual customers. Actually, when you are a DBA, everyone is your customer, but let s focus on the actual end users of the applications and servers. These are the people that are going to give you a much different view than any other group. Why is it so important to meet with them Well, consider this story. One day a man answered an ad for renting a bedroom above a garage at a family s home. The man was well kept and had a job (no one knew what it was), but was also always around. But he was a nice enough fellow and never late with his rent, and the family liked having him around. The family never noticed that the man always liked to go with them for rides in their car. It did not matter the destination; the man would ask, Mind if I take a ride and the family would let him. Every time he rode in the car he would ask one or two questions about the car, but not so many as to make the family think anything was strange. He would simply work the questions into a conversation somehow. So, think they have enough cup holders in here could lead to all sorts of comments about the design and functionality of the car.
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input parameters, and would not necessarily set the same parameters we received from the action request as render parameters on the action response. When the processAction() method is complete, the portal will proceed to send render requests to all of the portlets that are currently being displayed in the portal page. Our portlet s render() method (inherited from GenericPortlet) will be called, which will in turn set the title for the portlet and then delegate content processing to the doDispatch() (also inherited from the GenericPortlet) method. The doDispatch() method will then look at the portlet mode and call the appropriate doView(), doEdit(), or doHelp() method on our portlet.
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The Flash Catalyst interface was built on top of Eclipse and created to primarily accommodate the designer. The IDE is similar in look and feel to Flash Professional and Photoshop. To some extent, it allows designers to quickly jump in and start using the tool in a familiar environment, without writing ActionScript code. However, parts of Catalyst s capability such as states, transitioning, Heads-Up Display (HUD), and components are not as familiar to the designers as layers and artwork, and they require training as well as experience and a different mind set. There are different ways to work with Flash Catalyst, and we would like to cover one view on how Flash Catalyst can be used to change the designer and developer workflow. We are aware of the fact that the FC software is still young and is improving, and as new iterations comes out, it will allow better integration between designers and developers; however, we believe that many of the challenges and points we are raising will still be valid and applicable in the next couple of years.
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CHAPTER 6: Coding a Pong Game
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Another tip that helps many people is to arrive early. That way it is easier to start a conversation with someone else that arrives early. If you arrive fashionably late you may find it more difficult to inject yourself into a conversation taking place among a group of people. When you arrive early you can not only talk with some of the other few early arrivals, you may also find it easier to move from your current group to another group. This is one reason why some people prefer social networking. It is more comfortable to meet people online than in person. I would remind you, however, that you are not anonymous when online. Be mindful of whatever comments you post to these forums.
From here, I look for application of the com.apple.applicationaccess.new, which I am quickly able to spot. However, I also easily spot some legacy settings in the com.apple.application domain, which is used for legacy 10.3 and 10.4 support. In each case, the source of the settings was the lab computer group. Resolving the issue is easy enough, harnessing the power of dscl s mcx capabilities:
Understanding the Provider Model
commonly described as functions on steroids.
MAGE Scenario: ClickOnce Application Assemblies Need to Be Obfuscated
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