Compose Data Matrix in visual BUILDING A VIEW

Figure 5-18. Excel report data after selecting a customer from the document map In the case of exporting to PDF, the generated file will have the document map and report data in the same page. The document map is treated as a bookmark inside the PDF file. As you click customers, the report data is refreshed to reflect your customer selection. Please see Figure 5-19 for a view of the report inside Acrobat Reader.
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As .NET Remoting is a TCP/IP-based RPC mechanism, you can scale out remoting solutions onto a cluster using standard Windows Network Load Balancing (NLB) without the need to purchase and implement additional software.4
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The SOAP protocol is almost the exact opposite of Java RMI. Whereas Java is effectively limited to Java-to-Java communications, SOAP was designed from the outset for communication between heterogeneous platforms and languages.
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Figure 1-5. VBE Destination Folder
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desired maximum number allowed. For instance, to output a summary of all fragmented files with 2 or more extents, you d use
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In 3, I mentioned the change that Oracle had introduced in (very specifically) to deal with column = constant when the constant was known to be outside the low/high range for the column. The same effect has been introduced in range-based queries and happened to show itself when I was rerunning the discrete tests. In the results shown in Table 6-3, you saw that the computed cardinality reaches 1,000 and then stays constant as Oracle hits and passes the boundary of the low/high range in In, as we move the predicate further and further outside the low/high range for the column, the cardinality drops off by approximately 10 for each unit change in our predicate. Table 6-4 is a short extract from the top end of the range when we repeat the tests in discrete_ 01.sql against a database.
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The BAM portal is a feature in BizTalk 2010 that facilitates the rapid consumption of business transactional and aggregated data, without writing any code. The portal is self-configuring, fairly easy to set up, and provides rich data retrieval capabilities. This recipe has provided a high-level understanding of what you can do with the portal, but it has an additional powerful feature, BAM alerts. BAM alerts allow you to configure and receive alerts related to specific changes in business data. The BAM portal provides several areas of configuration: the look and feel of the main or dashboard page, the web.config file, a network load balancing (NLB) clustering. By default, the main dashboard, or Getting Started page, displays navigation instructions to the user. The content for the main dashboard page is located in the MainPageContent.htm file, which is located in the root of the BAM portal web site folder and can be altered. Another area of configuration is web.config. This configuration file is similar to standard web.config files and allows you to configure security as well as environment settings for the BAM portal. The web.config setting highlights include referencing the BAM web services that may be hosted on different
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Implementing the ProcessRequest Workflow
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Figure 8-9. The Windows service, Solution Explorer view
Figure 10 14. Schema resource added to an application
Updating the Application
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