Drawer Data Matrix in C# BUILDING A VIEW

Listing 5-35. Using a Generic List // list_generic.cpp using namespace System; using namespace System::Collections::Generic; int main() { List<String^>^ list = gcnew List<String^>(); list->Add("apple"); list->Add("banana"); // Iterate using the for each operator. for each (String^ s in list) { Console::WriteLine( s ); } // Iterate using indexing. for (int i = 0; i < list->Count; i++) { Console::WriteLine("{0} {1}", i, list[i]); } } The output of Listing 5-35 is also apple banana 0 apple 1 banana The preceding sections reviewed the classic C++ array and compared that construct to the new C++/CLI array construct. You saw the syntax for creating and initializing arrays, and learned about copying arrays, using arrays as parameters and return values, and the usefulness of some of the functionality that C++/CLI arrays inherit from System::Array, including sorting and searching. Next, you ll get a look at another fundamental .NET type used in C++/CLI the Enum type (represented by System::Enum).
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You wish to statically cross-reference state values between two or more systems. The reference data already exists, but you must load the data into the BizTalk cross-reference tables before you may use the cross-reference functoids or API.
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Figure 9 1. Choosing to export an application 5. On the Select Resources page, verify that the resources you need to include in the exported MSI package are selected. In the example shown in Figure 9 2, the resources consist of a number of BizTalk assemblies and their bindings and a referenced .NET assembly. Click Next to proceed.
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The Underlying Type of an Enum
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New to 10.6 is Apple s Push Notification service. The push notification requires minimal configuration and can be started through Server Admin. In order to take advantage of the push notification services provided by OS X Server, services must be configured to utilize the server. The Mail and iCal services are the only services shipping with 10.6 that can be configured to use the push notification service, shown in Figure 5-43. To enable Push notifications for one of these services, configure it in the desired services configuration screen.
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You specify an event handler with the Handles keyword. For example, you can bind the StateChange event of the connection object conn to the ConnStateChange method (which you write yourself) with:
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Valid Values
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TIP: With many LDAP implemenatations you can determine the search base by querying it with the ldapsearch utility, using the syntax: ldapsearch -h -x -a never -s base namingContexts. There are a few more options to LDapper as well. In order to use Authentication, click on the Authentication tab and enter a username that can read information from the directory service in the Identification: field and a password in the Password: file. Additionally, if you are using custom mapped attributes, click on the Attributes tab to enter the pertinent information. Once you are satisfied with all of your options, click on the OK button and you should be able to browse records for your LDAP environment, as shown in Figure 2-5.
The code in the ServerStartup class will look like this: class ServerStartup { static void Main(string[] args) { Console.WriteLine ("ServerStartup.Main(): Server started"); HttpChannel chnl = new HttpChannel(1234); ChannelServices.RegisterChannel(chnl); MyRemoteObject obj = new MyRemoteObject(4711); RemotingServices.Marshal(obj,"MyRemoteObject.soap"); // the server will keep running until keypress. Console.ReadLine(); } } When the client is run, you can safely expect to get a value of 4711 on the first request because you started the server with this initial value (see Figures 3-7 and 3-8).
load-balancing devices that sit right in front of your network (from the client s point of view) and that distribute the load among the nodes in a cluster. In the second way, which is implemented by Windows Network Load Balancing, however, there is no such need for an additional device. Request distribution is instead handled by a distributed algorithm running on all nodes in a cluster.
Safe Cast
#: 0: 1: 2: 3: TYPE NAME GUID_partition_scheme EFI Apple_HFS helyx Microsoft Basic Data SIZE *149.1 200.0 122.9 25.9 Gi Mi Gi Gi IDENTIFIER disk0 disk0s1 disk0s2 disk0s3
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