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Raising and Handling ADO.NET Events
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Caution You absolutely have to keep this key secret. If someone else acquires your key, he or she can
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CHAPTER 9: Encrypting Files and Volumes
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If you click the Awaiting Moderation link on the Manage Comments page, you will see the Moderation Queue page, as shown in Figure 15-17. The moderation queue includes comments from users, as well as TrackBack and Pingback comments. Each comment is displayed in full, along with four radio buttons as follows: The Approve option means that the comment will be approved and appear on the blog as normal. The Spam option marks the comment as spam and removes it from the queue. The Delete option deletes the comment from the database. The Defer until later option (which is selected by default) makes no change to the status of the comment. At the bottom of the list is a set of links to set the radio buttons for all the comments. This will change any that you might have already set. Finally, clicking the Moderate Comments button will perform the requested actions, and then display a summary of the actions taken (for example, 3 comments deleted, 2 comments marked as spam, 1 comment unchanged ).
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How It Works
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Figure 8 25. Some additional EDI properties This solution showed how to configure an orchestration, but a send port can also be configured to subscribe to promoted EDI properties. To do this, open the send port, and click on the Filters tab, as shown in Figure 8 26.
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The <channel> element contains the metadata for the feed its title, the site from which it can be obtained, and a human-readable description of its content. One of the deficiencies of the 0.9 format over later submissions is that it is restricted to a single channel, so a web site proffering diverse subject matter must provide multiple distinct feeds rather than a single RSS feed with multiple channels:
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Generic Pretty-Printing
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Figure 5-7. Ubuntu will guess your keyboard layout, but you can test it to make sure by typing
Stop for a moment and reflect on how far you have come to this point. You wanted to become a DBA, you found your opportunity, you have built up relationships with colleagues, and you are effectively running the ship at this point. Along the way you have noticed that certain aspects of your environment tend to shift over time. One shift is, of course, new releases of SQL Server. Even applying a hotfix to SQL Server could provide you with an unexpected learning opportunity. Many people simply do not consider training an important part of their life as a DBA. If you want to survive as a DBA, then you need to be able to quickly adapt to changing circumstances. You need to be aware of ideas and concepts that are on the horizon. In short, you need training, and that training is an ongoing function that never stops. TIP: Training is the point at which education and motivation meet. When times get tough, training budgets are one of the first things to get their funding cut. This can make it difficult for you to convince your management to send you away for a day or two in order to keep your skills sharp. You must find a way to present a business case that is rock-solid; get them to understand that there will be a substantial return on their investment. Training is more than just sitting in a classroom for three to five days and listening to an instructor offer up information from a study guide prepared by someone else. Effective training is much more than that; it is something that becomes a part of your everyday routine. You may be good at what you do right now, but you are far from perfect (trust me), and if you do not spend some of your time following the latest industry trends, then you will be left behind like a dinosaur trapped in a tar pit.
The ReadXml()method allows you to read data and optionally schema information. However, at times you may need to extract just the schema information from the XML file and not the data. The DataSet class provides two methods that allow you to extract schema information from the source XML. They are ReadXmlSchema() and InferXmlSchema(). ReadXmlSchema() accepts the XML with an inline schema and reads just the schema part of it. The schema is then loaded into the DataSet. What if your XML document doesn t contain an inline schema That is where the InferXmlSchema() method comes into the picture. The InferXmlSchema() method observes the XML markup supplied and then creates a matching schema automatically. The schema is then loaded into the DataSet. To illustrate the use of both of these methods, you need to develop an application like the one shown in Figure 7-13.
You can then drag-and-drop messages into the new folders, or simply right-click them, select Move to Folder, and select the folder from the dialog box that appears. This can be useful if you wish to select a handful of messages by holding down the Ctrl key. All you need to do then is right-click one of them and select Move to Folder. You can also copy messages from one location to another, thus producing two copies of the same message. Simply right-click the message, select Copy to Folder, and select the folder from the list. Alternatively, you can hold down the Ctrl key while you drag the message to the new location.
the theme name, and click OK (see Figure 6-17).
The Contents and Index are the typical Help file format that you are probably used to from most other applications. If you have ever seen the Help files from other applications that are in the format of .chm files or even some HTML help system, there are two tabs. One tab provides
CHAPTER 3: Securing User Accounts
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