CREATE VIEW Syntax in C#

Develop DataMatrix in C# CREATE VIEW Syntax

Figure 6 27. Viewing the complete orchestration
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Unit Testing
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Silverlight 1.0 was released by Microsoft in the summer of 2007, but this version supported only Ecma languages that are interpreted in the client. Although Silverlight 1.0 works well for developers who are already familiar with client-side scripting, many developers have their eyes on the second release of Silverlight, version 2. Silverlight 1.0 is more or less in direct competition with Flash some have called it Microsoft s Flash killer. However, things really get exciting with Silverlight 2. Silverlight 2 and beyond contains its own cross-platform version of the .NET Framework, which means it has its own version of the common language runtime (CLR), the full type system, and a .NET Framework programming library that you can use in Visual Studio 2010 to build rich user experiences in the browser.
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In the previous example, you made the AddressID field nullable, meaning it s possible that not every employee has an address. You can also control what happens if employees or addresses are removed or updated. (However, as a design decision, you need to carefully consider one-to-many relationships such as those shown earlier: should a change in one employee s address cause the same change in the addresses of all other employees with the same address Probably, if it s the same address; otherwise, a particular employee should be updated with a different address record.) Placing a cascade on deletes removes all records that are linked to a record that is deleted; naturally, you should treat this option with care.
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Before we look into different ways to create a dataset, let me offer a quick insight into datasets! In simple words, a dataset is like a miniature relational database in memory, with tables, relationships, and constraints. A dataset is a very powerful component of the ADO.NET architecture. An in-depth analysis of a dataset is beyond the scope of this book; therefore, I ll discuss only the part that is required for us to know to develop reports.
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Suppose that you have built international support for only a portion of an application. What would happen when a user from a different country accesses features of an application that have not been internationalized Will the application stop working, display a blank screen, etc. The answer to this question lies in the concept of the .NET framework called culture hierarchy. There are three types of cultures that we as developers must be aware of: invariant, neutral, and specific. These cultures are arranged in a hierarchical manner, with invariant culture being at the top of the hierarchy, neutral in the middle, and specific culture at the bottom, as illustrated in Figure 12 3. When international users access Windows Phone 7 applications, the operating system starts at the bottom of this hierarchy and checks whether an application implements the specific culture of a given user. This check includes whether an application has the resources, such as text for menus and labels, which have been localized for the user s location. If such localized resources are not available, the system then moves up the culture hierarchy and checks whether there are provisions in the application for neutral cultures. Finally, if that check fails, the application defaults to the invariant culture, which is the same as English (US) culture.
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Using Keys
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Getting Online
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The second is the render() method on the Portlet interface, which is used for handling render requests:
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Figure 8-16. Laying the buttons out in the grid
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