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protected function applicationCompleteHandler(event:FlexEvent):void { getEmployeesInfo = new GetEmployeesInfo(); getEmployeesInfo.load("assets/file.xml"); getEmployeesInfo.addEventListener(RetrieveInformationEvent.RETRIVE_INFORMATION, onInfoRetrieved ); }
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Click the Click Here to Select an Event Source to load the BizTalk artifacts that will be used during the mapping activity. Identify the assembly that contains the orchestration to map, and identify the specific orchestration that contains data for mapping.
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End Try End Sub End Module 3. Make PersistAddsBuilder the startup project, and run it by pressing Ctrl+F5. You should see the results in Figure 13-10. Roy Beatty is back in the Employees table.
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to a network printer), you can set one as a default, which will automatically be chosen whenever you choose to print. Simply click System Preferences Default Printer. Then select the printer from the list, click the Set Default button, and close the program window.
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Asynchronous Calls
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Select My Custom Prerequisite from the list, and then publish the application. Note that you ll have to publish the application with full trust. When the application is published and if you have publish.htm set to display after a publish, you should see the prerequisite in the list (see Figure 8-17).
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Of course you will want to create a rich appearance for your Silverlight application. You ll make choices about your design. What font size and family will you use How much space will you place between your objects What size of text boxes and buttons will you use As you ll learn in this chapter, you can control the styles of your Silverlight application s UI elements in several ways. The first approach you will explore is the straightforward use of inline properties. Then you will look at how to define and apply Silverlight styles.
In the sample solution accompanying this recipe, a New Hire process has been created that contains a single Approver role. We required only a single role and removed one role from the role link after the wizard was complete. For the role created in our role link, we specified a send port type. Each role must implement a port type for communication to outside entities. The final step was to programmatically determine party resolution. For illustration purposes, an Expression shape implemented party resolution via code. BizTalk must always know which party will be receiving the message, and the party resolution can either be performed in the orchestration or within a pipeline.
Figure 9-1. The BBCode formatting toolbar on the post form
Cleaning Up with use
</s:request> </s:HTTPService> </fx:Declarations> </s:Application>
Batching output into manageable groups has always been tricky. For example, if you have a batch of work that needs cross-checking among a number of people, then GROUP BY had to be used, though this wouldn t give an even split. NTILE is used to give the split a more even, although approximated, grouping. The value in parentheses after NTILE defines the number of groups to produce, so NTILE(25) would produce 25 groups of as close a split as possible of even numbers. USE AdventureWorks GO SELECT NTILE(10) OVER(ORDER BY Department) AS NTile, FirstName + ' ' + LastName, Department FROM HumanResources.vEmployeeDepartment This produces 10 groups of 29 rows each. In Figure 12-10, you will see where the first batch ends and the second batch commences.
Now that you ve played with all the data providers that access SQL Server (the SQL Server CE data provider is beyond the scope of this book), let s make sure you clearly understand what a data provider is.
- (void)accessoryDidDisconnect:(EAAccessory *)accessory { NSLog(@"Controller Removed"); } #pragma mark NSStreamDelegateEventExtensions - (void)stream:(NSStream *)aStream handleEvent:(NSStreamEvent)eventCode { switch (eventCode) { case NSStreamEventNone: NSLog(@"stream %@ event none", aStream); break; case NSStreamEventOpenCompleted: NSLog(@"stream %@ event open completed", aStream); break; case NSStreamEventHasBytesAvailable: NSLog(@"stream %@ event bytes available", aStream); [self _readData]; break; case NSStreamEventHasSpaceAvailable: NSLog(@"stream %@ event space available", aStream); [self _writeData]; break; case NSStreamEventErrorOccurred: NSLog(@"stream %@ event error", aStream); break; case NSStreamEventEndEncountered: NSLog(@"stream %@ event end encountered", aStream); break; default: break; } } #pragma mark #pragma mark Basic Object Methods - (void)dealloc { [self closeSession]; [self setupControllerForAccessory:nil withProtocolString:nil]; _writeData = nil; [_writeData release]; [super dealloc]; } @end
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