Building a View in .net C#

Printer Data Matrix ECC200 in .net C# Building a View

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How It Works
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Table 1 1. iPhone Accessory Potential Usage
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While this should mean your system runs smoothly, badly behaved programs sometimes don t go away. They stick around in the process list. Alternatively, you might find that a program crashes and so isn t able to terminate itself. In very rare cases, some programs that appear otherwise healthy might get carried away and start consuming a lot of system resources. You can tell when this happens because your system will start slowing down for no reason, as less and less memory and/or CPU time is available to run actual programs. In all of these cases, the user usually must kill the process in order to terminate it manually. This is easily done using top. The first task is to track down the crashed or otherwise problematic process. In top, look for a process that matches the name of the program, as shown in Figure 16-2. For example, the Firefox web browser generally runs as a process called firefox-bin.
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guage of that region. Therefore, the web content will be displayed in that language, which is foreign to the end user at the time. By providing a mechanism in which end users can select their own language, they can make their own choice. With that said, you now are faced with a situation that your web application at times will have to provide users the choice of language and culture in which they would like to view the website content. Again, the .NET Framework provides specific class libraries, starting with the Globalization and Threading namespaces, to accomplish this. To gain the best understanding of how to accomplish this will take a bit of code in your application. Some popular websites ask users the first time they visit in what language they would like to view the website. Perhaps it would take the form of a drop-down list or different links. Maybe they even write a cookie to remember the user after his or her initial visit. Regardless, many sites must have the ability to change the language and culture dynamically; therefore, the localization will occur on the fly. Let s move on to an example. Exercise 8-5 will utilize a drop-down list to change the content of your site or localize the content. For simplicity s sake, we include only three separate languages and cultures. Most enterprise applications will provide a great deal more.
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Creating the BingMapDemo Project
information that is sent during normal operation. But a second mode of operation would include the diagnostic commands sent to the accessory and the status sent back. The set of commands and status information used to communicate between the iPhone and card reader form your protocol. Specifically, each command and status chunk of information fits within a structured format that you define to be your protocol. Figure 2 3 depicts the generic format of commands and status transactions. Commands and status are sent in fixed or variable sized data packets or groups of bytes. Generally, the packets are ordered by decreasing importance of information. For example, the command that you are telling the accessory to execute, arguably the most important part of the transfer, is the first part of the packet. It would therefore reside at byte position 0 in an n-byte length packet.
Modifying the Workflow
Your map is getting out of control, and you want to move away from using the mapper.
Adding Code to Create and Read Observable Collections
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