Incoporate Data Matrix ECC200 in C# WORKING WITH THE DATA

predicates produce incorrect cardinalities because the numeric and character versions of the information have huge gaps in them. Oracle is aware that 1 April 2003 is one day after 31 March 2003, but cannot possibly apply the same logic when comparing 20030401 to 20030331, or '20030401' to '20030331'. As we saw in 6, a query with a predicate of where n1 between 20021230 and 20030105 produced a cardinality of 396 in Oracle 9i, although we know that the query is supposed to report 7 days, and the equivalent query against the genuine date column produced a cardinality of 8. When we built a histogram of 120 buckets, the query against the numeric column got a lot closer, with an estimated cardinality of 15 rows. We are now going to see why. In the Getting Started section of this chapter, I showed an SQL statement you could run against the user_tab_histograms table to show the widths and heights of the bars that the histogram data represented. The version of date_oddity.sql that goes with this chapter does the same for the 120-bucket histogram against the numeric data, and a critical section of the results look like this: BUCKET LOW_VAL HIGH_VAL WIDTH HEIGHT ---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ---------68 20021028 20021112 84 .1813 69 20021112 20021127 15 1.015 70 20021127 20021212 85 .1791 71 20021212 20021227 15 1.015 72 20021227 20030111 8884 .0017 73 20030111 20030126 15 1.015 74 20030126 20030210 84 .1813 75 20030210 20030225 15 1.015 76 20030225 20030312 87 .175 77 20030312 20030327 15 1.015 As you can see, the histogram manages to give Oracle a better picture of the data. There is clearly a very big gap with some very thinly spread data between the numbers 20021227 and 20030111. This is the thing that people would expect because they know about the end-ofyear gap, but that is a piece of human-oriented information that is not available to the computer without the assistance of the histogram. Taking the large-scale view, which loses the detail about the months, the histogram gives Oracle a graph of the data (part 3 of Figure 7-2) that allows it to come close to the right answer. Similarly, the histogram shows that from the end of each month to the beginning (actually, with our bucket size, the middle) of each month, the data is a little thin, but there is approximately one row per day for the rest of the month. Of course, looking at the first line in the preceding list, we know that 20021112 is meant to be just 14 days after 20021028, but Oracle thinks there are 84 days (numbers) that need to share the 14 rows from our original table. The arithmetic for our query falls completely into bucket 72, so the optimizer uses the standard formula for selectivity, but using the endpoint values from the bucket. We have a between clause, which means we have to allow for a correction factor at both ends of the range.
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<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01//EN" ""> <html> <head> <meta http-equiv="Content-type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8"> <style type="text/css" media="screen"> @-webkit-keyframes pulse { 0% { background-color: red; opacity: 1.0; -webkit-transform: scale(1.0) rotate(0deg);
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public static function getInstance() : ModelLocator { if ( instance == null ) { instance = new ModelLocator( new Private() ); instance.libraryModel = new LibraryModel(); instance.mainPM = new MainPM( instance.libraryModel ); instance.bodyPM = new BodyPM( instance.libraryModel ); instance.footerPM = new FooterPM( instance.libraryModel ); instance.headerPM = new HeaderPM( instance.libraryModel ); instance.leftnavPM = new LeftNavPM( instance.libraryModel ); instance.mainwindowPM = new MainWindowPM( instance.libraryModel ); } return instance; } } }
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Drafts: This is one of the neater features of phpBB 3.0, which permits you to save working copies of your forum posts before making them public, much like making revisions to an article. You can view your drafts via the User Control Panel (described in the next section). This can be incredibly useful if you re writing a post but need to step away from the computer, because you can ensure that your message won t be lost. Simply click Save at the bottom of the post form, and your post will be saved to your Drafts folder, where you can retrieve it and continue working on it later. Font color picker: When you re creating or editing a post, you can now choose colors from a color picker. This is more flexible than using a drop-down list of predefined colors (or remembering hexadecimal codes!). Flash BBCode: BBCode now offers an option to embed Macromedia Flash animations into posts, which could be good or bad depending on your position on Flash. (If you dislike Flash, the Flash BBCode is easily disabled via permissions.) Poll creation: The phpBB Group has streamlined the process for creating polls. No longer do you need to keep clicking Add option to add responses to your poll. Now you can just press Enter inside the text box, and phpBB will know to add the option. The polling engine also permits users to change their responses if you want to allow that. Additionally, you can create polls that permit more than one response. Global announcements: phpBB 3.0 introduces global announcements to the base product, which permit administrators and other authorized personnel to make announcements to every forum. Previously, administrators were permitted to post announcements in only one forum at a time. Many people opted to hack this functionality into phpBB 2.0 using a modification written shortly after phpBB 2.0 s release, demonstrating the popularity of the feature. File attachments: Another old modification (which ships with phpBB 2.0 releases as a contributed package) is now a part of the base product as well. File attachments make their debut as an integrated feature in phpBB 3.0. This permits authorized users to attach certain administrator-defined file types to posts they make. This functionality can be very useful when you re posting an image in a thread and the image is either hosted somewhere else or does not have any hosting. As with a great majority of the features in phpBB 3.0, this feature can be heavily regulated via the Administration panel.
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create procedure sp_Orders_By_EmployeeId @employeeid int as
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Sometimes you need to add extra type information to indicate which overload of the method is required. 6 discusses method overloading in more detail. For example, the following causes an error:
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rule token = parse | whitespace { | newline { | "(" { | ")" { | "+" { | "-" { | "*" { | ";" { | ":=" { | ident { | integer { | eof {
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} = s; }
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Next, choose a location for DirectControl to be installed. At the Choose Destination Folder screen, customize the target directory or allow the installation to occur in the default directory. If you would like for the Centrify folder to be created in C:\Program Files then click on Next. Otherwise, click on the Browse button, browse to the required folder, and then click on the Next button.
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3. The cursor turns into a target with a small graph next to it. Click and drag on the
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