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Any column with a data distribution that does not have a completely flat, unbroken graph, may need a histogram if you use that column in a where clause. This graph is flat, but it has some big gaps in it that the optimizer needs to know about.
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Collation settings specify how sorting and comparison of rows of data are dealt with within SQL Server. For example, a collation setting will inform SQL Server details such as whether the system is case sensitive. It is possible to have different collation settings for each type of SQL Service, shown in the earlier setup process, so you could sort one way for Analysis Services different from that defined for your main SQL Server 2005 installation. It would only be in exceptional circumstances that you would do this, as it will cause extra processing complications when using the same processing in more than one service. Figure 1-10 shows that Windows collation has been chosen.
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namespace Server { class MyRemoteObject: MarshalByRefObject, IRemoteObject { int myvalue; public MyRemoteObject() { Console.WriteLine("MyRemoteObject.Constructor: New Object created"); } public void SetValue(int newval) { Console.WriteLine("MyRemoteObject.SetValue(): old {0} new {1}", myvalue,newval); myvalue = newval; } public int GetValue() { Console.WriteLine("MyRemoteObject.GetValue(): current {0}",myvalue); return myvalue; } } class ServerStartup { static void Main(string[] args) { Console.WriteLine ("ServerStartup.Main(): Server [1] started");
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CHAPTER 10: Porting Your App
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Data binding in Silverlight is accomplished by using the Binding class. The Binding class has two components the source and target and a property that defines the way the two are bound, called the binding mode. The source is the data that is to be bound, the target is a property of the control that the data is to be bound to, and the mode defines how the data is passed between the source and the target (one-way, one-time, or two-way). You ll see how this works in the upcoming exercise. To define the binding of a control s property, you use XAML markup extensions, such as {Binding <path>}. For example, to bind the Text property of a TextBox to a data source s FirstName element, you would use the following XAML: <TextBox Text="{Binding FirstName }" />
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To write and execute NUnit test cases, you must download and install the NUnit framework. The remainder of this section will assume that this step has been completed. Before we get to integrating MSBuild with NUnit, let s first see how you can write some NUnit test cases. Follow these steps to create a simple NUnit solution that you can write some unit tests within: 1. Create a new project named NUnitEx1 with Visual Studio. 2. Add nunit.framework as a reference to this project. 3. Change the name of the class to NUnitEx1.cs.
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Figure 13 2. IsolatedStorageStoreImageDemo You ll build the demo in three steps. First, you need to create a new Visual Studio project. Next you ll build the project s user interface and finish up by adding code to respond to commands from the user.
As you already know from the previous chapters, it is possible to host .NET Remoting components in IIS, too. In this case, the ASP.NET runtime itself hosts the server component, and configuration of the server is done through web.config. Any <service> configuration found in web.config is automatically handled by ASP .NET, which means that you don t need to call RemotingConfiguration.Configure() for your server configuration. If a client configuration is found in web.config, it will be ignored by the ASP .NET runtime therefore clients must be configured manually. Although configuring clients in web.config is basically possible, I will not recommend doing so for reasons discussed in the last chapter. It is better to add another configuration file to your solution (even if you are writing simple ASP .NET Web applications or Web servers that don t host remoting components) and do your client configuration in this file. So you can see how to configure a .NET Remoting component hosted in IIS as a client for another server (the server you created at the very beginning of the chapter), start with creating a Web application project with Visual Studio that you will use for your .NET Remoting server component. Because you don t need it, you can delete the ASPX page that is created automatically after Visual Studio has created the project. The other files, especially web.config and Global.asax, will be necessary for your component. After you have added the references to System.Runtime.Remoting as well as General.dll, you can add a class to your project that will be the server. The server s implementation is shown in Listing 6-5.
Containers and Content
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assumes that you are using IIS7 installed on a Windows 7 machine. The walkthrough also assumes that both the server and the Windows Phone 7 client (the emulator) reside on the same machine. 1. 2. Open IIS Manager by clicking Start Control Panel Administrative Tools Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager. Create a new web site by right-clicking the Sites node on the left and choosing Add Web Site. Name the site WP7Server and fill in the rest of the web site properties as shown in Figure 19 2.
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