Receive Data Matrix in .net C# WORKING WITH THE DATA

The Sound class lets us load and play an external file, while SoundChannel allows us to assign a song to a sound channel.
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to avoid breaking the software that depends on it, or remove the reverse-dependency packages, too. In most cases, it will ask you what you wish to do.
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Even if the firewall is disabled, firewall-style prompts will still display for unsigned applications. Such applications are presumed to be less trusted than signed apps, so they are held to a higher level of scrutiny.
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If you want to format a date according to the current locale on the machine, you must first set the EnableScriptGlobalization property on the ScriptManager control to true. You will also need to ensure that the culture attribute of the web site is set to auto using Web.config.
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Once your site is created, use the Solution Explorer to create two new folders. Call one AdminFolder and the other UserFolder. Later, you will put content into these folders, which are accessed by Administrator and User profiles, respectively. You can see this in Figure 13-2.
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If BizTalk needs to send each message to a different email address, use a dynamic port from an orchestration. 1. 2. 3. 4. Open the BizTalk Administration Console. Expand the BizTalk Server group, select the appropriate BizTalk application, and select the Send Ports folder. Right-click the Send Ports folder, and select New Static One-Way Send Port to open the Send Port Properties dialog box. Give the Send Port a name. Within the Transport section of the General tab, select SMTP from the Type drop-down list, as shown in Figure 6 5.
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Listing 6-1. Declaring a Context Loader Listener
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The iPhone App Store is where users can purchase or download applications for their iPhone. Application development can be a fairly complicated task. If you are looking for a specific function outside of the iPhone s default software, it s never a bad idea to see if
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Allowing Comments and Pings
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WindowsIdentity is used for Windows authentication. This identity object is retrieved through a static method of the WindowsIdentity class called GetCurrent(). Therefore through WindowsIdentity. GetCurrent() you get an identity of the current process (the user account under which the process is running). Passport is used for Passport authentication. ASP .NET supports passport authentication through configuration. Passport provides a single sign-on solution for Web-based applications. If you configure your ASP .NET application using forms authentication and using the System.Web.Security.FormsAuthentication. RedirectFromLoginPage() method, a FormsIdentity will be created by the ASP .NET infrastructure for you and automatically assigned to HttpContext.Current.User.Identity. You can use a GenericIdentity if none of the other identity objects fits into your solution. The GenericIdentity object has to be created manually with a username and authentication method as constructor parameters. Usually you create the GenericIdentity after you have authenticated the user through your own authentication mode (e.g., through a users table in your SQL Server database).
Now you have to specify the reader object, which will read the data stream from the database and populate the ListBox control. You do so by using the EntityDataReader object, and then you also specify the ExecuteReader method to return the results. The ExecuteReader method also requires an enumeration value to be specified; for this example, you use the CommandBehavior.SequentialAccess enumeration value to tell the ADO.NET 3.5 runtime to retrieve and load the data sequentially and receive it in the form of a stream: Dim reader As EntityDataReader = _ command.ExecuteReader(CommandBehavior.SequentialAccess) Next, you specify the code to tell the reader that it has to add the data values in the ListBox until the reader is able to read the data: lstEmployees.Items.Clear() While reader.Read() lstEmployees.Items.Add(reader("FirstName") + _ " " + reader("LastName")) End While
and purpose, and also to override it by redirecting calls to an overriding function if one is available in the theme. Table 5-2 lists some themable functions and what they do. It is far from complete but it will give you an idea of how themable functions are used in Drupal. Notice that all of the functions listed start with theme_. Table 5-2. Some Themable Functions
Figure 4-9. After creating the Basketball Team flexinode type, it appears in the list of content type choices. Notice its description shows up in this list.
Location Path
Creating an Image
Viewing Feeds
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