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This null loop continually loops on itself until it is interrupted by an external event. In Figure 4 16, that event would be when the user presses the pushbutton. Internal to the accessory game controller, the normal 3.0 volts is reduced to 0 volts. This negative transition (3 to 0) is interpreted as an interrupt by the PIC16LF1936 processor. Within the PIC processor, the code jumps to a table of interrupt vectors (addresses of specific routines) determined by the base address of the table plus an offset indicated by the type of interrupt that occurred. As shown in Figure 4 17, when the PIC controller powers on, it first jumps over tables that include the addresses of interrupt routines to the start of the main code. Doing it this way provides a known set of addresses that the programmer sets up for the interrupt routines. If a pushbutton interrupt occurs while executing the null loop, after saving state, the address at the start of the interrupt table offset by the number of the interrupt is loaded into the program counter. This code executes, and, in your case, sends the 0x10 value over the serial connection to the iPhone telling the iPhone app that the button was pressed.
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As you have seen throughout this book, a large part of your work with Spring involves either the editing of conventional Java code (for which existing language support in most IDEs is adequate) or the editing of XML bean definition files. To gain the benefits of the Spring IDE in managing these files, you need to add the Spring Project Nature to your Eclipse projects. Figure A-5 shows the standard Eclipse Project Explorer view of a set of projects generated by using Maven s eclipse:eclipse target. Currently these are decorated with two icons, a J symbol at the top right indicating that they are Java projects, and a standard warning symbol at the bottom left indicating that there are minor problems with the project configuration.
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Figure 5-7. Choosing the command type
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Full screen support has been available in Silverlight for quite some time, but if you are like me and you have multiple monitors there has probably been a point in time where you have put something in full screen, then changed the focus to another application on your system. If you have indeed tried this, you would have noticed that the Silverlight application that was full screen was no longer in full screen. Silverlight 4 adds a new feature called full screen pinning, where developers can elect to keep their application in full screen, even when it loses focus. If they have enabled this for their application, when the user selects full screen the application will prompt them with a consent dialog asking if it is OK to remain in full screen, as shown in Figure 16-6. Assuming they click Yes, the application will then remain in full screen until they press escape while focused on the application or until the application removes itself from full screen.
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In Xsan, the PIO HiPriWr value in logs (specifically the sysavg value) shows you how latent the connection to your metadata LUNs is. HiPriWr values are written on an hourly basis to a volume s cvlog file found at /Library/Filesystems/Xsan/data/volume/log/cvlog. Alternatively, you can summon these values as needed by using the tool cvadmin:
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CHAPTER 2: Directory Services Clients
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pass additional arguments.
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Error.argumentUndefined: This allows you to create an error that represents that an
Now let s look at what happened when you executed the stored procedure. You ran it twice, and added a new customer each time, but you also entered the same nonexistent customer to delete each time. If all statements in a transaction are supposed to succeed or fail as one unit, why did the INSERT succeed when the DELETE didn t delete anything Figure 14-2 should make everything clear. Both the INSERT and DELETE had zero error numbers. (When a DELETE doesn t find any rows to delete, T-SQL doesn t treat that as an error.) In fact, that s why you used a nonexistent customer. The rest of the Customers
public class HelloUniverse extends UiApplication { public void start() { MainScreen main = new MainScreen(); LabelField label = new LabelField("Hello, Universe"); main.add(label); UiApplication app = UiApplication.getUiApplication(); app.pushScreen(main); app.enterEventDispatcher(); } public static void main(String[] args) { (new HelloUniverse()).start(); } }
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