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Here, the string drwxr-xr-x defines the POSIX permissions. In an ls -al output, the first digit, d , specifies the file system type, and in this case, a directory. Other common entries will include a dash for a file, an l for a symbolic link. The next three digits, rwx
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Figure 10-4. Final look of the dtAccess data table
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Numbering Modify OpenOffice.org BASIC Macros
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Data Binding and Silverlight List Controls
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Figure 7-2. Histograms and wrong data types
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orchestration supplies them each time BizTalk invokes the rules engine. The facts provided from a custom fact retriever are called long-term facts, and they can be reused each time BizTalk invokes the rules engine. A BizTalk orchestration can also treat the DataConnection in this example as a short-term fact. Accomplish this by creating a DataConnection in an Expression shape and including it as a parameter to the Call Rules shape. However, each orchestration instance would create its own DataConnection. You can improve the scalability and performance of the application by treating the DataConnection as a longterm fact and sharing it each time BizTalk invokes the rules engine. In general, treating a fact as long-term is preferable under the following conditions: The fact value can be shared each time BizTalk invokes the rules engine. Retrieving the fact incurs a significant performance penalty. Caching the fact value will still allow the rules to execute correctly. The fact is not directly available in the orchestration that invokes the rules.
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However, the standard installation of Edubuntu is just like any other Ubuntu configuration, and the software is designed to be installed directly on the hard disk of computers. The following are the chief education titles provided with Edubuntu: KDE Edu programs (http://edu.kde.org) include games involving mathematics, languages, science, and other miscellaneous topics. Teachers might also appreciate the inclusion of KEduca, a program designed to create form-based tests and exams. GCompris (http://gcompris.net) is for children of kindergarten age and introduces them to computer use as well as elementary math and reading skills. Tux Paint (www.tuxpaint.org) is a user-friendly drawing package full of sound effects and colorful graphics. SchoolTool Calendar (www.schooltool.org/products/schooltool-calendar) is a calendar and time table application built specifically for school environments. To access SchoolTool, open a browser window, type localhost:7080 into the address bar, and press Enter.
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XQuery Support in the XML Data Type
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With the move to CPU costing and the use of dynamic workarea sizing in 9i, you may think that such anomalies are a thing of the past. Script hash_pat_bad.sql in the online code suite shows otherwise. It uses the same query as we had in hash_one.sql, enables system statistics, and uses two different values of pga_aggregate_target. Again, it is possible to produce counterintuitive results: Execution Plan ( autotrace - pga_aggregate_target = 20,000 KB) ---------------------------------------------------------0 SELECT STATEMENT Optimizer=ALL_ROWS (Cost=719 Card=2000 Bytes=4114000) 1 0 HASH JOIN (Cost=951 Card=2000 Bytes=4114000) 2 1 TABLE ACCESS (FULL) OF 'BUILD_TAB' (Cost=257 Card=2000 Bytes=2060000) 3 1 TABLE ACCESS (FULL) OF 'PROBE_TAB' (Cost=257 Card=10000 Bytes=10270000) Execution Plan ( autotrace - pga_aggregate_target = 22,000 KB) ---------------------------------------------------------0 SELECT STATEMENT Optimizer=ALL_ROWS (Cost=951 Card=2000 Bytes=4114000) 1 0 HASH JOIN (Cost=719 Card=2000 Bytes=4114000) 2 1 TABLE ACCESS (FULL) OF 'BUILD_TAB' (Cost=257 Card=2000 Bytes=2060000) 3 1 TABLE ACCESS (FULL) OF 'PROBE_TAB' (Cost=257 Card=10000 Bytes=10270000) The setting I have used for the pga_aggregate_target in this example is rather small even the default is larger but the test data set was also quite small. The anomaly can be re-created with larger values for the parameter by using larger data sets. The extra oddity here is that the only differences you can find in the trace files are in the 10053 trace, where the cost of doing the partition join changes. The 10104 trace files are identical. This is another indication that the optimizer and the run-time engine don t always use the same model.
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After a portlet has defined the content type it is going to use to render the markup fragment, the portlet will need to write its content to an output. Like a servlet, portlets can use either output streams or writers, both from the Java I/O library. The output stream is useful for writing byte output for the portal page, but its use is going to be very rare for a portlet. Do not use portlets for serving generated images or other binary content directly. Instead, write the generated content to disk and serve it as a static URL, or use a servlet to write binary data. For instance, use a charting servlet to generate dynamic images. The image HTML tags in the portlet s content would point to the servlet. Most portlets should use the getWriter() method on the RenderResponse object to write out textual content to the portal page as a markup fragment:
The <param> portlet tag is used to provide parameters for the <actionURL> and <renderURL> tags. It represents a name/value pair. There are two required attributes on the <param> tag: name and value. You can set these to be whatever you need for your portlet development. Here is an example showing the <param> tag as part of an <actionURL> tag:
Creating a Form in JSP
containing the top-level POM file. This will set up the .project and .classpath files within the project, and you will then be able to import the Maven projects into Eclipse. Note that you will need to set the M2_REPO classpath variable in Eclipse. This can be configured by using the Control Panel reached by choosing the Window Preferences Java Build Path Classpath Variables menu option. Figure 2-5 shows the resulting dialog box.
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