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Figure 9-20. Provide a name for the virtual machine
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Figure 7-11. An empty Parameters collection This dialog is very similar to the Arguments control used for setting up input and output arguments for the workflow. Click the Create Argument link. The Direction should be In. To select the Order class for the Type property, you might have to select Browse for Types and then choose the Order class from the OrderProcess assembly. The Value should be OrderInfo. It will use the existing OrderInfo variable, which is a reference to the Order class being processed. Click the Create Argument link again to add the second parameter. The Direction is In, the Type is Decimal, and the Value should be TotalAmount. The completed collection should look like the one shown in Figure 7-12.
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Figure 1-7. Registration window
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Figure 18-10. Another view of Webalizer statistics
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Figure 13-8. Connecting with the Copy Web Site tool After you click on the Connect button, a dialog window will open with several options regarding the target to connect. Figure 13-9 represents what you will see.
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The Session Options tab provides two ways to set your preferred applications to run automatically when you log in, instead of starting each application that you need manually. If you choose the Automatically Remember Running Applications When Logging Out option, applications that are running as you log out will be started automatically when you log in next time. If you choose the Remember Currently Running Applications option, applications that were running just before you clicked this option will be started automatically when you log back in.
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Common Table Expressions
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Formatting Text
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GNU and Linux Together
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Calendar calendar = Calendar.getInstance(); calendar.set(Calendar.YEAR, 2010); calendar.set(Calendar.MONTH, Calendar.NOVEMBER); calendar.set(Calendar.DAY_OF_MONTH, 1); long startTime = calendar.getTime().getTime(); calendar.set(Calendar.DAY_OF_MONTH, 30); long endTime = calendar.getTime().getTime(); int eventCount = 0; Enumeration matches = events.items(EventList.OCCURRING, startTime, endTime, true); while (matches.hasMoreElements()) { ++eventCount; Event match = (Event)matches.nextElement(); if (match.countValues(Event.SUMMARY) > 0) { String summary = match.getString(Event.SUMMARY, 0); System.out.println(summary); } }
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