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cat ~/.ssh/ | ssh user@host 'cat - >> ~/.ssh/authorized_keys'
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Creating Client-Side Sinks
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Keywords and Contextual Keywords
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CHAPTER 1: Directory Services
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MSDN and MSDN Magazine Articles
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SingleCall SAOs hosted in IIS with HttpChannel and BinaryFormatter
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Web Parts
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Figure 3-4. Finding the ending connection points You don t have to select a connection point. As soon as you see the points appear, you ll know that the object has been selected. Let the mouse button up, and the two activities will be connected (see Figure 3-5).
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The next section is the Passcode tab, where you can configure password policies, (which the iPhone and iPod touch refer to as passcodes). Shown in Figure 10-13, various settings exist to effect password requirements for sleeping and device poweron. These include pretty standard options, like the ability to set a lock timer, specify password minimum length enforcement, create alphanumeric requirements, and there even includes internal routines to test for weak passwords. You also have the ability to prevent up to 50 previous passwords for re-use, as well as enforce periodic password changes. It s important to note that you do not configure an actual passcode at this time (that s done from the device itself after the configuration has loaded). However, if you wish to configure a passcode policy to be enforced on your company devices, this is the place to do so. First, check the box for Require passcode on device. Next, select the appropriate options that fall within the boundaries of your organization s security policy:
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