Figure 8-6. The populated grid in visual

Generating Data Matrix ECC200 in visual Figure 8-6. The populated grid

Filling a DataSet
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ow that you know how to create, deploy, and secure basic .NET Remoting components, this chapter will focus on creating different types of client applications. The reason for doing this is to show you how to configure .NET Remoting for each different type of client. Also, the hosting environment for the client has some implications on security especially when it comes to authenticating against the server or accessing system resources.
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1MB / 128 blocks 2MB / 256 blocks 4MB / 512 blocks
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More information on MSDN: frlrfsystemruntimeremotingchannelsichannelreceiverclasstopic.asp
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A single, horizontal set of values that have come from one or more tables through a query, or a single horizontal set of values from all columns within a table. This can also be called a record.
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This should produce the output shown in Figure 1-5.
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are core modules that can safely be throttled without denying your site use of its most critical functions: Aggregator, Archive, Ping, Poll, Queue, Search, Statistics, and Tracker. On the block administration page (admin/block), each block also has a check box that controls whether it should be displayed in throttle conditions. This is probably an easier decision to make, as many of the blocks are not critical to the functioning of the site (Who s Online, for example).
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Report Item
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Click on the volume name and then the gear, as shown in Figure 4-18. Here, you ll see a number of available options.
Figure 4-11. Attach Databases dialog box
Though this will display the contents of, by default, the contents include no key for showing hidden files or for hiding files. With a little research, however, you ll discover that you can use the AppleShowAllFiles key, which is Boolean value. So to see hidden files, enter the command
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