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As you can see in the bottom-right window, the actual response message from server to client is a System.IO.FileNotFoundException. After more investigation about why the BinaryFormatter would interpret this as a version incompatibility, I noticed that the formatter simply does not look at the content type. When you host remoting components in IIS, you can basically get three different response types: text/plain, text/HTML, and application/octet stream. The first two will be returned if some misconfiguration triggers an internal server error in IIS. Only the latter, however, really contains a binary stream that can be read by the BinaryFormatter. The formatter, however, does not check the content-type header, and always tries to deserialize the response stream according to its internal binary format definition. The formatter starts with reading the first few bytes from the stream to verify the version numbers. Somehow the string System.IO.FileNotFoundException is therefore interpreted as the version number 1818838574. 1953451621. When the formatter compares this to the expected version number 1.0, it notices the mismatch and throws the corresponding exception.
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Life Is Good, but It s Better with Bacon
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In all three cases, the objects (a WebResponse, a Stream, and a StreamReader) are automatically closed and disposed at the end of an execution of the function. To see what s going on, notice that a use binding is syntactic sugar. For example, the following use var = expr in body is shorthand for this: let var = expr try body finally match var with | null -> () | _ -> var.Dispose() A number of important types implement IDisposable; Table 8-1 shows some of them. You can use tables such as this to chart the portions of the .NET Framework that reveal operating system functionality to .NET applications. Table 8-1. A Selection of the Types That Implement IDisposable
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Configuring Themes
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The portlet can change the window state that it is in when it processes the action request. On the ActionResponse interface, the setWindowState() method takes a valid WindowState object as its only argument. The portlet will then render in that window state when the render request is processed. Any future render requests will use the new window state until the portlet changes it during the action handling phase, or the user initiates the change through the portal s interface. A valid window state must be passed to the portlet. The portlet needs to support all standard window states. If the portal supports custom window states, and the portlet defines the custom window state as supported in the portlet.xml deployment descriptor, the change is valid. If the portlet wants to double-check that the window state is allowed, it can call the isWindowStateAllowed() method on the portlet s PortletRequest object.
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If/else and case statements in bash serve primarily as traffic routers. Both of these facilities are specifically referred to as branching statements; their purpose is to directly affect the flow of code. For instance, perhaps there is a VIP user on the network who needs VIP treatment. If this particular user logs into a computer, we need to ensure he has a Deep Thoughts folder on his desktop, and then perhaps we need to prune this
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More Techniques to Implement Objects
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Tip: Just because a browser is available doesn t necessarily mean that it is usable; poor signal or other problems may prevent you from connecting. In the case of the Wi-Fi browser, you can at least check to see if the user has a valid access point by checking whether WLANInfo.getWLANState() returns WLANInfo.WLAN_STATE_CONNECTED. Otherwise, Wi-Fi may be on but disconnected.
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Some of the most common issues with application syndication are applicable to any type of syndication. We discuss several of them, including branding, SSO, flexibility, user attributes, and personalization. WSRP addresses several of these issues at a technical level, but some problems require business solutions.
The text/html content type is applied to the message by the MimeMessageHelper s setText method; setting the second Boolean parameter to true specifies that an HTML message is being created. If the flag is set to false or the single parameter version of the send method is used, the content type is set to text/plain. The specific formatting mechanism used to create the content does not need to be Velocity. Other templating tools such as FreeMarker can be used, or the content can be created from code for particularly simple cases. If the content is not to be modified at all, it can be read directly from an HTML file.
Figure 3-3. Finding the beginning connection points
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