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Figure 1-4. The CivicSpace installer
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An alternative syntax for empty elements, using start and end tags, is also valid:
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The next part of the syntax is to give the procedure a name. It would be advisable, just as it is with any SQL Server object, to adhere to a naming standard. Everyone has their own standard within their installation, but if you prefix the name with sp_, a very common naming convention, then you will know what that object is. However, this is not something I recommend for two reasons. The first is that stored procedures prefixed by sp_ are seen as system stored procedures. The second is that you can hit some unnecessary compile locks due to system stored procedure lookups. Therefore, do avoid this naming convention. Many people adopt a different naming convention whereby the prefix defines what the stored procedure will do; for example, an update would have a prefix of up, a deletion dt, and a selection sl. There are many different prefixes you could use, but once you have decided on your standard, you should stick with it. Some procedures may require information to be provided in order for them to do their work; this is achieved by passing in a parameter. For example, passing in a customer number to a stored procedure would provide the necessary information to allow creation of a list of transactions for a statement. More than one parameter can be passed in: all you do is separate them with a comma. Any parameter defined must be prefixed with an @ sign. Not all procedures will require parameters, and so this is optional; however, if you do wish to pass in parameters to a stored procedure, name the parameters and follow them with the data type and, where required, the length of the data to pass in. For example, the following specifies a parameter of name L_Name, with varchar data type of length 50. @L_Name varchar(50) You can also specify a default value in the event that a user does not provide one at execution time. The value specified must be a constant value, like 'DEFAULT' or 24031964, or it can be NULL. It is not possible to define a variable as a default value, since the procedure cannot resolve this when the procedure is built. For example, if your application is commonly, but not exclusively, used by the marketing department, you could make the department variable optional by setting a default of marketing: @department varchar(50) = 'marketing' Thus, in this example, if you were from marketing, you would not need to provide the department input. If you were from information services, however, you could simply provide an input for department that would override the default. It is also possible to return a value or a number of values from a stored procedure using a parameter to pass the information out. The parameter would still be defined as if it was for input, with one exception and one extra option. First of all, the exception: it is not possible to define a default value for this parameter. If you try to do so, no errors will be generated, but the definition will be ignored. The extra syntax option that is required is to suffix the parameter with the keyword OUTPUT. This must follow the data type definition: @calc_result varchar(50) OUTPUT You are not required to place OUTPUT parameters after the input parameters; they can be intermixed. Conventionally, however, try to keep the OUTPUT parameters until last, as it will make the stored procedure easier to understand.
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by Jonathan Gennick
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CHAPTER 8: Digging in Deep
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Data Models, Datasets, and the ADO.NET Interface
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Microsoft Word
Listing 10-29. Testing the CreateUserAction s Save Method
Creating the IsolatedStorageStoreImageDemo Project
URL (Type)
When you get to the Computer Name section of Setup Manager (setupmgr.exe) choose to Automatically generate computer name, as can be seen in Figure 9-26.
In addition, any other details you can provide may prove handy. You definitely should mention the version of Ubuntu you re using, which is Edgy Eft (often referred to simply as Edgy ). If you re asking about hardware, give its entire model name and/or number. Don t just ask for help with a Foomatic scanner. Ask for help with a Foomatic D1000 scanner, model number ADK1033, Revision 2. If you re asking about a piece of software, provide its version number (click Help About). Sometimes in their replies, other forum members may ask you to post further details or to provide log files. If you don t understand the question, simply ask the poster to give you more details and, if necessary, instructions on what to do. Just be polite. Explain that you re a newbie. If you think the question is extremely obvious, then say so apologize for asking what may be a stupid question, but explain that you ve tried hard to answer it yourself but have failed. Don t forget that the Ubuntu forums include the Absolute Beginner Talk forum, where fundamental questions are asked all the time.
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