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ActiveDirectoryDynamicData.plist: Contains Active Directory Domain
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work area, and the Tasks pane.
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ClientChannelSinkStack.SinkStack Sink SoapClientFormatterSink
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In this case, this profile would really only work with TextEdit. We have introduced a few new concepts here that merit further explanation. In the above example we declare a basic global allow rule for the process-exec action. If we want to define specific criteria for this action, such as, say, explicitly defining the TextEdit binary, we do so by referencing the path in another subset of parenthesis. When defining these criteria, we are explicitly provisioning access based on the file path; no digital signing or application verification is done. This isn t ideal, as it means that an external process that is not sandboxed could still alter behavior of a sandboxed process, but there s unfortunately not much we can do at that point. In any case, here we are defining a literal path of /Applications/ In the previous case, we were a bit extreme in granting execution capabilities on all process, but in this example, we are restricting it exclusively to the TextEdit binary. Luckily the flexibility of sandbox profiles allow us find a compromise. Considering the following declaration:
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We will start with serialization and deserialization.
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testLoad method adds an event listener so you can wait for the async call to complete and handle the results in the onResult method. Notice that you are using the addAsync function which indicates that you will wait 500 ms for the call to complete. The onResult method checks to ensure you got results. You really don t care what type of results you get in this test. You are just checking that the load method received the results and added the results to the collection. You can also create another test to check the integrity of the data.
Web Services for Remote Portlets (WSRP) and Application Syndication
Understanding Hardware Differences
3. Make this the startup project, and run it with Ctrl+F5. You should see the result in Figure 8-10. Roy Beatty is back in the Employees table.
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