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Coding the Application
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Securing and Maintaining phpBB
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The syntax for a DDL trigger is very similar to that for a DML trigger: CREATE TRIGGER trigger_name ON {ALL SERVER|DATABASE} [WITH ENCRYPTION] { {{FOR |AFTER } {event_type, } AS sql_statements}} The main options that are different are as follows:
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A message fails at some point in your BizTalk solution (such as a receive port, map, or orchestration) and ends up as a suspended message on the BizTalk MessageBox. You want to be able to subscribe to these suspended messages and route them to a file drop.
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ow that you have Drupal installed and have posted some content, it s time to configure your site. This chapter will guide you through the many configuration settings that you have available as a Drupal administrator. Here, you will learn how to configure general settings, such as your site s name, whether to cache content, and how the site s URLs should look. You will see what choices you have for controlling whether other users can acquire accounts to use your site, and how to enable and disable modules so that you can tailor your site s functionality to fit your needs. A discussion of Drupal s publishing workflow for content will show you the various publishing options that are available, and the section on comments will help you decide which guidelines your site will have for governing comments to postings. A brief discussion of themes will allow you to select the initial look and feel for your site (themes are covered in more detail in 5). The final section introduces categories, one of Drupal s most useful and flexible features. This chapter addresses many common questions that people have when looking at a fresh Drupal installation for the first time. It covers issues such as what content appears on the front page, how to make sure that your site can accept uploaded files, and how to turn on the many modules that come with Drupal. These are the essential skills that you will need to ensure that your site is fully functional and ready to build your online community.
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Listing 5-21. Declaring the Aspect for findTimesheet
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Connecting to a wireless network device is easy with NetworkManager. Just click the NetworkManager icon, and you will see the available Wi-Fi networks in the Wireless Network list. Networks protected with WEP/WPA will have an icon of a padlock. Those that are open will not have this icon. You might see many Wi-Fi networks listed, depending on your location. The wireless base stations are identified by their Service Set Identifier (SSID) or sometimes ESSID, with E standing for Extended. If the SSID you would like to connect to is not listed by NetworkManager, it could mean that your wireless base station isn t set to broadcast its SSID or, worse, Ubuntu s Wi-Fi drivers aren t functioning correctly. If it s the former, all you need to do is right-click the NetworkManager icon and select Connect to Other Wireless Network. Then, in the new dialog box, type the SSID under Network Name, set Wireless Security to none or the appropriate security type, fill in the other information depending on the type of wireless security you selected, and click Connect. If it s the latter, you may need to use a Windows driver, as described in the next section.
' Point to the previous row and refresh the contents of the text box bMgr.Position -= 1
To modify an <employee> node, we first need to retrieve it from the list of <employee> nodes. The employee ID of the employee will be taken from the combo box. To retrieve the <employee> node, we can use the SelectNodes() or SelectSingleNode() method. In our example, because there can be only one <employee> node matching the given employee ID, SelectSingleNode() is a better choice. After a reference to the <employee> node is retrieved, we can change its child nodes. The complete code implementing this logic is given in Listing 2-14. Listing 2-14. Modifying Existing Content private void button2_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) { XmlNode node=doc.SelectSingleNode("//employee[@employeeid='" + comboBox1.SelectedItem + "']");
Drupal offers two types of file downloading methods: Public downloading: This means that the job of serving uploaded files to the browser falls on the underlying web server, which will serve them directly. Web servers are carefully optimized to be able to serve static resources like files in a very efficient way. This will always be the fastest method for offering downloads. The ramification is that the files must reside in a directory that is visible from the Web. Putting files in a Web-visible
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