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Using Totem is easy, and the interface has only a handful of options. At the bottom-left of the screen are the transport controls that allow you to pause, play, and move forward and backward in the video file. Alternatively, you can right-click the video window and select the controls from there. Above the controls is the Time bar. You can drag the slider to move through the video, but not all files support this function. You might find that some dragging is allowed, but you re not able to click a new place in the Time bar and have the counter jump to that position.
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The platform also supports more esoteric connections, including to USB ports and raw SSL. This book will use HTTP for examples as this is one of the most common and feature-rich protocols.
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CHAPTER 12: Securing a Wireless Network
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CHAPTER 3: Some Basics
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Figure 14-11. The Report Wizard welcome dialog box The Report Wizard s welcome screen has buttons to navigate, complete, and cancel the wizard. It also lists the actions to create a report: setting up the data source, selecting the report type, specifying the layout, and formatting the report. It also has a check box to tell the wizard not to show the welcome page.
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' Extract dataset to XML file ds.WriteXml( _ "c:\bvb2005db\solutions\chapter08\productstable.xml")
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Figure 9-2. Add a remote site properties window
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So far, you have installed everything you need to get started writing BlackBerry software. There s a catch, though: RIM has marked some of their APIs as restricted, and if your program uses any of these APIs, it will not run on the device unless it has been code signed. Code signing is covered in more detail in 9. For now, just be aware that this is often a necessary step in development. It can take from a few days to a few weeks to receive code signing keys, so start this early.
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This chapter will guide you to develop reports as web parts, which can be hosted with SharePoint services. You ll learn how easy it is to distribute practical real-world reports using the power of SharePoint technology. In the reporting project, you ll see the charting feature of RS in action.
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Using at to Schedule One-Off Tasks
Adding the Delete Button Event Handler
he Spring IDE plug-in for Eclipse enhances the Eclipse environment by providing a variety of features that make it easier to work with Spring projects. The Spring IDE provides tools for creating, validating, viewing, and editing your Spring configuration files. A particularly attractive feature is the provision of autocompletion when editing bean definitions. Although the Spring IDE is a separate project from Spring itself, there are developers who participate in both projects, so there is excellent support for the latest Spring features. In this appendix, I discuss the installation of the Spring IDE and then briefly present the features related to editing and viewing bean and Spring Web Flow definitions. It is not possible to discuss all of the Spring IDE features in depth in this appendix. I would recommend installing and working with the plug-in initially as an aid to the creation of bean definition files. The autocompletion feature works in a manner nearly identical to the Java source autocompletion features. After you are familiar with these aspects of the plug-in, you should visit the Spring IDE website ( to learn more about the tool.
{ var temp : spark.components.TextInput = new spark.components.TextInput(); = "textInput1"; = "textInput1"; if (!temp.document) temp.document = this; textInput1 = temp; mx.binding.BindingManager.executeBindings(this, "textInput1", textInput1); return temp; } private function _DataBindingUnderTheHood_TextInput2_i() : spark.components.TextInput { var temp : spark.components.TextInput = new spark.components.TextInput(); = "textInput2"; = "textInput2"; if (!temp.document) temp.document = this; textInput2 = temp; mx.binding.BindingManager.executeBindings(this, "textInput2", textInput2); return temp; }
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